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 Debut Of The Feared

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PostSubject: Debut Of The Feared   Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:20 am

The Cameras Scrolls through the SWS Crowd

Lights Suddenly Go Out

Jordan Matthewson: What’s Going On?

James Wilson: I Don’t Know But I Like It!

Crowd Goes Silent When a Voice Goes Through the Arena

Mystery Man: Tonight Destruction Begins!

Mystery Man: Tonight SWS Gets eXtreme!

A Few Boo’s Go through the Arena

Jordan Mattewson: Who Is This Guy?

Red & Black Lights Turn On Showing a Hooded Man in the Rafters

James Wilson: Check This Out! He’s high up There

Mystery Man: Tonight eXtreme Player Will Rise!

The Boo’s Settle down To Some Quietness

Jordan Mattewson: Wait A Minute!

Mystery Man Puts His Hood down Revealing eXtreme Player

A Silent Hush Covers the SWS Crowd

James Wilson: *Laughs* YES eXtreme Player Has Arrived!

Jordan Mattewson: This Guy Is the Most Feared Competitor in Wrestling

James Wilson: You Got That Right *Laughs*

eXtreme Player: Tonight My Redemption Begins!

eXtreme Player: Tonight T.Rublin Your Demise Will Be My SALVATION!! *Evil Laughs*

James Wilson: T.Rublin Consider Yourself Warned!

eXtreme Player Continues Laughing as the Lights Go Out

Jordan Mattewson: eXtreme Player Scares Me!

The Lights Come Back On To Show That eXtreme Player Disappeared

Jordan Mattewson: Wait where’d He Go?

James Wilson: I Would Say Where Ever He Wants To Go

Jordan Mattewson: I Guess He Has

Camera Rolls through the Stunned & Silent Crowd  

Music Begins To Play For the Next Match
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Debut Of The Feared
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