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 My debut RP for the 8/25 show

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My debut RP for the 8/25 show Empty
PostSubject: My debut RP for the 8/25 show   My debut RP for the 8/25 show I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2014 6:27 pm

*Po1ski's theme song hits, and he begins to walk down the ramp to the ring. *

The crowd is silent, sizing up the new blood, not sure about him yet.

*Po1ski enters the ring, and grabs a mic.*

Po1ski: This thing working?

*Po1ski slams mic against his hand, causing a boom to resonate throughout the arena*

The crowd is awkwardly silent. One random guy in the cheap seats yells "Woo!", then sits down

Po1ski: Alright, my name is Po1ski, and I'm new here in SWS. Apparently, my first match will be against this guy KNAS next show. Now, there are a few ways I could come out here for my debut. I could try the ol' bashing the audience, trying to get everyone to hate me, play the stereotypical bad guy, blah blah blah. But everyone has seen that before. Or I could try to pander to everyone, get all the fans on my side, play the stereotypical good guy. But, once again, it's all been seen before. I'm not here to do the same thing over and over again, playing your “hero” or “villain”. I'm only here for one thing, and that’s the SWS Strong Style Championship! I'm not here to sell t-shirts, sign autographs, and I sure as hell don't care if you people love or hate me.

People begin to boo. A chant of "You suck" begins to radiate throughout the crowd.

Po1ski:  Hah, I knew that would get you. But I'm not here to please you. The only reason that I'm here is to do the one thing that God put me on this earth to do, and that's to kick ass. And whether you love me or hate me, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm not a crowd pleaser, I'm an ass kicker. I am Po1ski, and you will remember my name.

*Po1ski drops the mic and heads out of the ring, up the ramp.*

The crowd continues to boo as he exits.
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My debut RP for the 8/25 show
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