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 The Mage Debut

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The Mage
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PostSubject: The Mage Debut   Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:45 pm

All or nothing by Theory of a dead man plays in the background.
The arena turns dark with blue smoke filling the arena.
An explosion happens and an image started to walk down the ramp.
He stops in front of the ring and the arena lit up bright.
The Mage makes a surprise gesture.

** The Mage enter the ring**

The Mage: One second, I got a surprise for you all........

* The Crowd is silent. *

** The Mage takes off his hat and pulls a rabbit from the hat. **

* The crowd make mixed cheers and boos. *

The Mage: Ahhh, you like!!!

* The crowd grows louder with the mixed cheers and boos. *

The Mage: Oh well, you gonna learn today!!!!!!!

** The Mage grabs the mic. **

The Mage: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for having me here today, it is I, The Mage, in your presents, is ready to put on a show for you because i am the black magician and I’m here to show you all, the wrestling universe, some magic. So Who believes in magic?,.......huh....what....guess what, it doesn't matter who believes in magic or not, cause i am The Mage, ready to entertain you all non believers.

* The Crowd grew silent. *

The Mage: Now I know that I may not be David Blaine or a Houdini, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeves starting with this first act, which is to make someones items disappear, I dont know, like someones watch, glasses.......someones know....belts, in particular, the championship title. I maybe a newbie in this Federation, but I telling you I’m the future of this company. All in all, I can’t wait to show my skills in this great company.

* The Crowd Cheers furiously. *

** The Mage looks in awe.**

** The Mage takes a bow. **

The Mage: I know that I have a ladder to climb just to become a champion, to become a legend, to become part of the hall of fame. I have the charisma, the knowledge, and execution to make it in this company. the wrestling universe will see my magic and if you don't believe in the magic, well you could bring your illiterate steroid taking can down to the arena, alongside your rainbow colored lighting and techno theme songs, and COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

* The Mage waits awhile in the ring for anyone to show up. *

* The Mage shrugged his shoulders, then exit the ring and up the ramp. *
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The Mage Debut
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