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 after debut win

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PostSubject: after debut win   after debut win I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2014 3:52 pm

* The Mage is standing at the entrance to the arena.*

Jordan Matthewson: The Mage is here again, an this time he’s a winner

James Wilson: surprise me last week, so maybe he do have some tricks up his sleeves.

* The Mage makes his way to the ring.*

James Wilson: I wonder what’s he going to do now. Oh I know, turn into a turd.

Jordan Matthewson: Is there ever a moment that you give full gratitude for any wrestler performing?

James Wilson: Don’t get me wrong, I have a few that I amazed by, but if SWS start hiring people that still act like kids, all I can do is what I usually do......clown them.

In the ring

** The Mage notice that he don’t have a microphone to speak.**

The Mage: WAIT WAIT!!!!!

** The Mage takes of his hat, wiggles his fingers and pulls out a microphone. **

The Mage: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for having me here today, it is I, The Mage, in your presents, is ready to put on a show for you because i am the black magician and I’m here to show you all, the wrestling universe, and the whole world, that magic do exist.

James Wilson: Please, spare me the lecture Mage.

Jordan Matthewson: Isn’t time to hear the truth about magic, James?.

James Wilson: Look Hordan, there was never a truth about magic like there was never a Santa, tooth fairies or flying pigs.

Jordan Matthewson: Funny how you know alot of these stories huh, James?.

James Wilson: Hordan, I wonder if the fans heard about what happened last week.

Jordan Matthewson: Wha....what happen la.....last week, James?.

James Wilson: You know.......that boot to ass incident you had, I wondered who did it?.

** The Mage pauses for a second.**

The Mage: What happened last week was even further prove that magic is around us, we just have to believe, like a religion.

* The crowd cheers.*

The Mage: I had my debut winner over a um..........gangsta non-believer. Although he has alot you call it.....swag, he didn’t had the charisma to beat magic.

The Mage:Guess what ladies and gentlemen.........

* The Mage got an excited look on his face...*

The Mage:Nothing because that’s What The Rapper GG Crum came up with.

** the crowd started to snare.**

James Wilson: You don't have anything under you belt to be talking like that, Mage.

Jordan Matthewson: Well the fans is not going to like that, James.

The Mage:okay, okay I get it I haven’t proven anything yet but trust and believe you all wouldn’t forget the name, The Mage.

*The Mage chuckled*

** The crowd looked lost and confused.**

Jordan Matthewson: Um...James, I beginning to think that the crowd is turning against The Mage a bit.

James Wilson: Well.......isn’t this a coincidence, Hordan?

The Mage:I promise to beat the hell out of anyone you, as the crowd, asked of me to do, and while in the process........................

** The crowd chant BEER!!!**

Jordan Matthewson: uh oh They want to see The Mage drink a beer here again.

James Wilson: Hordan, go into the ring and prevent it from happening, your jobs is on the line.

Jordan Matthewson: And who named you GM, James?

James Wilson: My size 12 boot that’s about to be use.

Jordan Matthewson: But I thought you’re size 9......

*James smacks Jordan with a stack of papers..*

* The Mage holds a white cloth over his right hand, wiggles his fingers from his left hand, then pulls the cloth up showing a beer mug.*

** The crowd starts chanting drink.**

The Mage:I’m probably the first mage to be drinking while doing magic, but who cares.......

* The Mage takes a hug gulp of the brew.*

** The crowd goes into a frenzy.**

Jordan Matthewson: Again, The Mage is drinking in our faces again, I wonder how the GM would think about this.

James Wilson: They should of fired him from last week, he’s not suppose to be drink in the arena.

The Mage:Again now you see it.....

* The Mage looks into the mug, and holds it upside down.*

The Mage:Now you don’t. But now on to some serious topics.

James Wilson: How could anyone take him seriously, he’s a grown man with a baby mentality.

Jordan Matthewson: James, you opinion is useless without facts, why don’t you interview him?

James Wilson: Hordan, you’ll never see me face to face with The Mage.......

Jordan Matthewson:’re scared of The Mage, huh?

James Wilson: Why you little..........

* The Mage takes a huge breath.*

The Mage: Hey I love the commentary team, they’re a good team, aren’t they, like bros. Actually I love SWS period, all the fans, the employees, but most importantly, those trying to belittle me.

*The Mage pause for a second......*

James Wilson: Well you’re target of interest, let me see, for being a Halloween character on every week basis.

The Mage:You see what they say about me is what they can never do, example, I can’t win a match, well at least i’m in one, or I’m afraid to challenge a person who is better than me, well at least I’m attempting to do so, what are you doing. Look, while I’m still employee with SWS I may as well go beyond what people expect of me because I’m.........not just some ordinary wrestler, I’m the one who can make dreams happen.

* The crowd cheers Mage.*

The Mage: Well for those that still don’t believe, you can make you exit and be a wanksta........

**The Mage laughs at his joke......lame........**

The Mage: Or you can find you way into this ring with you superheroes briefs on and an extra flab of stomach, and COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Matthewson: Well, James, we’ll see who’ll accept The Mage challenge next from the locker rooms, eh?

James Wilson: Can someone put The Lame out of his misery, please?

End of segment..............[/color][/color]
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after debut win
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