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 GM Phil Barnabush talks to Joninyan

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PostSubject: GM Phil Barnabush talks to Joninyan   Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:30 am

**Camera turns on showing GM Phil Barnabush sitting behind his desk at his office, going through some files as someone knocks on the door.**

GM Phil Barnabush: Come in.

**The door opens and in steps Joninyan. Cheers can be heard from the arena as he walks up to the desk and crosses his arms.**

Joninyan: I came to see you with some serious problem, Phil.

GM Phil Barnabush: And what would that be?

Joninyan: The problem is that you haven't put me in a title match yet. You know that I am good, hell, I'm better than most. You know that my talents are waisted on anything less than a title picture. I don't just want this title match, the crowd wants it.

**Cheers can be heard in the arena.**

GM Phil Barnabush: You know what? If you can win your match against NathyWathy99 tonight, I'll give you a SWS Strong Style title opportunity next week.

**Crowd cheers more as Joninyan uncrosses his arms.**

Joninyan: Consider it done. You can already start booking that title match.

**Joninyan turns around and walks out of the door closing it behind him as the camera fades away.**
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GM Phil Barnabush talks to Joninyan
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