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 Office of General Manager Phil Barnabush

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PostSubject: Office of General Manager Phil Barnabush    Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:38 pm

Ca$h enters Office of General Manager Phil Barnabush with B Girls following close behind.

Ca$h: GM.Barnabush, here's girls promo shots so we don't have produce, fried foods, and babies representing my girls here.... now i would like.....

GM.Barnabush: You have this week Justin Narcissim Incarnate Harvelle of San Fransisco,California and think......

Ca$h: WHat?, Come on now. That guy can fight his D(beep) out his zipper hole let alone get it done in the ring.

Frenchie: I kind of think he's cute.

Cash: YOU'RE NOT HELPING FRENCHIE GET YO FINE ASS TO THE CAR, GO!!!. (Frenchie slinks away doing what she is told)

Now GM look i don't mind earning easy paycheck, hell i rather fight that fat assed Rikishi at least he sort of be challenge,You know that N(BEEP) done put his greasy chicken eating mitts on my coat look at this sh(BEEP), but Harvelle? Come on Barnabush, these matches are getting as bad as if Vince Mcmahon was making them.

I've been leveling these guys. You need think bigger and you need think rating and I think you need them asses in seats out there. That's Good Business and another thing when heck am I gonna get chance at some gold up in here? I think i've been more than patient.

GM.Barnabush: I can talk now, ok good. I understand your concerns and yes we have talked about title shot in future. I also understand of man of your caliber maybe feeling under utilized. We have a lot of younger talent we need showcase with bigger draws like yourself to get some interest up with fans. I also understand you want piece of Rikishi for disrespecting your personal property. See Cash I have over 28 super stars all wanting something plus office work and contacts and what not. Please be patient, i do my best for you being good sport about all this. It's in do process. holds his hand out to shake on it.

Ca$h looks at his hand looks at him untrustingly Ca$h: Better get to work then and make it happen. This Sh(beep) getting old.

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Office of General Manager Phil Barnabush
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