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 GM Phil Barnabush has enough

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PostSubject: GM Phil Barnabush has enough   Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:35 pm

Cash Money and B Girls head in GM Phil Barnabush office to see whom next for this week.

GM Phil Barnabush: Cash welcome welcome, this week you have Josef Kavas.

Cash: K Why?

GM Phil Barnabush: What do mean why? You havent faced him yet. Let me look again, yes you haven't.

Cash: Not sure you been hearing me like I dunno every week. I face no body like gay pride Nazi and every week i put them under mat and meanwhile same people get title shots who some of i have whomped. So turn your friggin hearing aid up again gonna as when am i getting shot at some gold up in this (BEEP)?

From behind Rikishi axe handles Cash. They being to trade off punches.  Rikishi pushes Cash into desk and tries running in for Stink face, Cash jumps out way and starts to choke him.  Rikishi reaches and puts a choke on Cash. Both men not letting go, choking each other. Trashing the office.

GM Phil Barnabush: THAT'S IT. I HAD IT. Fine you want shot at some gold it will be in tag division. WITH YOU, Rikishi

both men let loose of choke holds to complain like kids to principal.
Rikishi: but, but he started it.

Cash: Did not, fatty. come on GM .

GM Phil Barnabush: No Mind is made up. Now Both you get the hell out my office, look at this place.
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PostSubject: Re: GM Phil Barnabush has enough   Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:09 pm

Rikishi: You're seriously going to make me team up with this idiot. This is stupid.

**Rikishi stares at Ca$h for a moment before turning away. Rikishi begins to make his way out of the office.**

Rikishi: You better not get in my way. If you do, you're going to be on the recievin end of a stinkface. Also there's no way in hell i'm paying for you're shitty coat.

*Rikishi slaps his ass a few times before exiting.**
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GM Phil Barnabush has enough
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