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 Soorya's Interview

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PostSubject: Soorya's Interview   Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:54 pm

*Soorya is seen in the backstage area along with Daniel Gidlow.*

Daniel Gidlow: Soorya!

Soorya: Hi!

Daniel Gidlow: How're you doing?

Soorya: Fine as usual, thanks!

Daniel Gidlow: Say, you got match against Mage?

Soorya: Mage? Oh no, that cockroach? Not again!

*Soorya makes a weird facial expression. Daniel Gidlow subconciously smiles. But immediately controls it and looks at Soorya. Soorya smiles.*

Soorya: Mage? Haha, never mind. Some people are meant to be crushed.

*Daniel Gidlow turns serious.*

Soorya: Well, my manager says, "Your opponent is very weak. This match is going to be a massacre".

Daniel Gidlow: Just a precaution, Soorya.. Overconfidence harms us. Hope we understand.

*Soorya stares at Daniel Gidlow for a moment. Then he looks down and speaks politely.*

Soorya: Sorry, I was just kidding. Mage is a good wrestler. I have seen his fights, He is a worthy opponent.

*Daniel Gidlow gives a smile.*

Daniel Gidlow: So, any special plans for the fight against him?

Soorya: Yeah, I have adjusted my move set and my signature moves. Hope I will flare better this time. 

Daniel Gidlow: Mage must be furious after the last match between you two.

Soorya: I know. But win or loss is bound to happen to someone. This is name of the game. I will perform my best, that's all I can say.

Daniel Gidlow: Well, all the best then, for your coming match!

Soorya: Thank you..

*The camera fades to dark.*
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Soorya's Interview
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