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 Just another week

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Kevin Rey

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PostSubject: Just another week   Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:17 pm

**The camera fades black and them fades in the empty Locker room, the silence owns the place, and a male and loud voice breaks in the room**

Kevin Rey: No mate, don't worry about it! I just told you that ten fucking times, It wont happen again!!

**A man with a Dropkick Murphys shirt and black camo pants appears in front of the camera and sits on a metal chair, holding his cellphone on his right ear**

Kevin Rey: I wont say it again, today is my third match here, I can't just ask for a title shot yet! I won without a struggle at my debut, but last week I got a loss due to some douche that the manager put as mine partner...

**He begins to take off his laces, and holds the phone on his ear with his shoulder**

Kevin Rey: I don't even know the guy that I'll fight today, and it doesn't even matter, when I'm focused you know better than anyone, it's pretty tough to take me down.

**He finally takes off both shoes, and stands up to take his shirt off**

Kevin Rey: I understand, I will do my best out there, and I'll make a huge show, maybe that way the GM can think of give me a shot for that Strong Style title and ...

**He is interrupted by a staff member's yell**

Kevin Rey: Hey baby, I gotta go, I enter in four minutes, and I'm not even ready yet. Hm-hm, I got it. Love you to, bye.

**He put his phone aside and wear his black boots for the fight, while the camera fades black again when he leaves the room**
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NXT Star
NXT Star

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PostSubject: Re: Just another week   Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:10 am

Not part of RP: Anytime you swear, put CENSORED around it; we must go by chat rules with the obvious exception of flaming.
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Just another week
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