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 Week 4 - Preparation

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PostSubject: Week 4 - Preparation   Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:03 pm

*The Camera cuts to show a familiar figure in the background*

RenegadeIdiot: I gotta nail this one. I cannot lose!

*we are then shown RenegadeIdiot in his locker room shadow boxing prepping himself*

RenegadeIdiot: I WILL NOT LOSE! I cant let Byakuya get the best of me before this Battle Royal.

*RenegadeIdiot makes one final hard punch - punching a hole in wall*

ITS TIME! Byakuya! You're gonna feel the Wrath of the Renegade! I hope your ready!

*RenegadeIdiot leaves the locker room and gets ready to head to the ring. The camera cuts back to ringside*
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Week 4 - Preparation
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