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 Double D Intro

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Double D

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PostSubject: Double D Intro   Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:04 am

An Unknown man makes his way to the ring
The crowd goes silent

Double D: Well this is what its like to have a good looking young man to be out in a arena full of thousands of people

Double D: Ha! My dad told me id never make it but you know what, he way wrong!

Double D: Now that im out here I can finally complete my a bunch of LOSERS who's boss...

The crowd starts booing and throwing garbage at Double D

Double D: Whoa whoa I knew you were all going to start booing at me didn't have to throw your god damn garbage!

The crowd starts booing again but even louder BOOO!

Double D: Now since there are no champions yet in SWS, lets make one! Double D the new chaammpiooon!

Double D: Hahaha.....get use to the fact that your having a superstar in the ring

Double D makes his way back to the locker room and the crowd boos at him
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Double D Intro
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