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 Invitational Match & Fegelein Intro

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PostSubject: Invitational Match & Fegelein Intro   Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:59 pm

**The lights dim down in the arena as the crowd stares anxiously at the center of the stage where a single spotlight shines down.**

**Fegelein enters the ring, wearing black and red tights with a distinctive checkered pattern, black knee pads going over the tights, black wrestling boots, a pair of gloves with the same pattern as the tights, and black elbow pads on both of his arms.**

**Fegelein raises his arms at about a 100 degree angle from his arms to the side of his torso, holding his hands up loosely, facing the ring with his elbows slightly bent, walking slowly down the ramp as he approaches the edge of the ramp with the spotlight following his every move.**

**Fegelein sprints down from the edge of the ring and slides in, reaching the very middle of the ring. Fegelein picks himself up and taunts the crowd once more.**

**Fegelein relaxes his arms, and reaches through the second and third rope to retrieve a microphone from the ring announcer as the music stops and the lights return to normal.**

Fegelein: Ladies and gentlemen, all of you are honored to be in my presence, whether or not you realize it.

**The crowd senses the cockiness of his voice, and slight boos emerge from the crowd at a slow rate.**

Fegelein: Because you are in the presence of the future of this organization, even though this GM of ours decided not to give me a match tonight. I'm sure he had a good reason.

**Crowd starts getting quieter, however it's easy to sense their presence**

Fegelein: I mean, we all make mistakes, right? This GM of ours made one good decision, though, and that was to sign ME, Fegelein. And I'm here to prove my worth to all of you cowards.

**Crowd starts booing again**

Fegelein: See, I know none of you are man enough to step into the ring with me. But I want to---

**Crowd starts chanting "you suck"**

Fegelein: SHUT UP, I'M TALKING!!

**Crowd increases the level of boos**

Fegelein: I want to issue an open challenge to anyone in that locker room. There has to be someone who isn't afraid to face me one-on-one. So I want a ref down here, now... let's go, we don't have all day.

**Referee jogs down to the ring**

Fegelein: Excellent. Now who wants to tap out tonight? Anyone?

**Fegelein waits in silence, and eventually rolls out of the ring, and grabs a folding chair from ringside. He throws it into the ring, and makes his way back inside as well. He picks the chair back up, and places the chair down in the middle of the ring facing the ramp. He sits down in the chair, and crosses his arms, waiting patiently.**

Fegelein: I'm waiting!
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Invitational Match & Fegelein Intro
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