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 Fegelein Intro

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PostSubject: Fegelein Intro   Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:12 pm

--Very short rp to introduce a rivalry, works better with two people in same shoot to continue after Fegelein starts exiting the ring and continue dialogue--

**Fegelein's intro music starts playing, while the crowd stares at the titan tron confused as to what they are about to witness**

**Fegelein enters the arena wearing black and red tights, no shirt, knee pads, a black pair of wrestling boots, an elbow pad on his right arm, and a pair of light-weight, black, leather gloves.**

**Fegelein enters the ring and grabs the mic from the ring announcer**

Fegelein (in a cocky, raised voice): "Ladies and gentlemen, you're in the presence of the future face of this company."

**Crowd starts minor boos**

Fegelein: "None of those idiots in the back can beat me. I can make any one of them tap at the snap of a finger. I can pin any of them with ease. But why would you take my word for it? I'll prove it to all of you right now."

**Crowd resumes a short series of boos**

Fegelein: "I'm issuing an open invitational to anyone in the back who wants to step up to yours truly."

**Fegelein pauses with a slight smirk on his face**

Fegelein: "Next week, one on one. I'll put you in a Fegel-Lock, **pauses as crowd starts chanting a vague message, lowers voice** and you'll be screaming louder than you can make your girlfriend scream."

**Fegelein drops mic, starts to exit ring.**
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Fegelein Intro
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