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 Pasta-Loving Dolt and Pal Prepare for a Match!

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PostSubject: Pasta-Loving Dolt and Pal Prepare for a Match!   Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:07 pm

* Draven The Executioner is seen in the locker room, preparing for his match. He is heard humming a tune. *

Draven: Man, I'll die with my finger on the trigger, my n...

* Kevin Steam suddenly bursts in the room, and out of pure shock, Draven throws an axe at him. Kevin ducks, just barely missing the axe. *


Draven: You can't just sneak up on me like that, bro. I did that for pure worry of my own safety.

Kevin: Whatever, you pasta-loving dolt. Please, tell me that you at least know we have a match next.

* Draven finishes lacing his shoes and stands up. He then produces a bowl of pasta from his bag and begins eating it. In between bites he says: *

Draven: Well, I am back here preparing for a match. Who are we up against again...Dav...Daven? Oh, whatever his name is, I'm sure we'll win.

Kevin: How can you be so quick to forget names? It's Davon Hills, the guy I had to save you from during Land of Confusion...

* Draven buts in. *

Draven: OH, that fatty who tried to arrest me for selling my sick substances?

Kevin: * Sighs * Yes, that “fatty”. I'm starting to wonder why I picked you as a partner. I wonder if that's really pasta you eat all the time, because it's really destroying your brain cells. We are up against Davon Hills and KNAS. You have earned victories over both of these men before, this time should be no different.

Draven: Of course it won't, the pasta gives me power! Just give me a few more minutes and I'll be ready.

Kevin: Oh, whatever. I'll be outside by the ring entrance, come when you finish. You have less than five minutes.

* Kevin walks out and heads toward the arena. *

Kevin: Gosh, he is not as intelligent as I assumed.

Draven: Man, we never did think of a name, I wonder if he has any ideas. I should probably finish this bowl of justice and head to the ring.

* Draven consumes the rest of the pasta and meets Kevin at the arena entrance. *

Draven: Time to crush some obese people!

Kevin: Whatever you say...

* The two men head toward the arena. *
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Pasta-Loving Dolt and Pal Prepare for a Match!
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