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 Championship match promo [ BEFORE MATCH ]

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: Championship match promo [ BEFORE MATCH ]   Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:32 am

-The camera fades in on thousands and thousands of fans standing up and cheering as they know the first match is up next, as a promo appears on the tron, as in blue and red, words are stating" Tonight 2 legends will clash.."
Then a flash of white as Royler and Hunter Death are grappling in the ring, as it is a part of a former match that took place months ago when they first started -

Man on speaker: Tonight Royler Gracie, the SWS Champion, takes one of his greatest challenges yet, against Hunter Death, who won the World Heavyweight championship in his Debut match.... These two legends, have the people's heart in place. But there can only be ONE winner...

- A couple more flashes appear as more parts of Royler's and Hunter's match is shown where Royler does his finisher to Hunter, and Hunter does his to Royler. Soon, it all ends with one flash of gold instead of white as words spell out " Winner take all.... "-

Man on speaker: And that match, is Now...... - the screen counts from 5 only as it reaches 0 the entrances for the match begin -
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Championship match promo [ BEFORE MATCH ]
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