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 The Steam Segment 10/20/2014

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Kevin Steam
Kevin Steam

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PostSubject: The Steam Segment 10/20/2014   Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:34 pm

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Steam Segment. After every show, I will post a Steam Segment, in which I critically review the show. Let us begin.

Introduction ("HULLO"): I will usually skip this part unless something unusual happens.

Match 1: Gregorius Imperius vs. CPS GONNA KILL YOU

In this match, the victory went to Gregorius Imperius. This match was clearly one sided. Gregorius had it won from the start, and the amazing ULTIMATE finisher at the end really sealed the deal. I don't know what's worse: how hard CPS got stomped, or how awful the name "CPS GONNA KILL YOU" is.

"Pirate Life" - Sebastian Wolfe

Let me start by saying that the pirate gimmick itself is terrible. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Nevertheless, the RP of course has a comical aspect, which I like. Sebastian made a nice joke about pirates actually owning cell phones. He is still a nerd though. 8/10

Match 2: Ivan Borovsky vs. Tyler Collins (SWS TV Championship)

This match was a long match. Not really anything shines about this match, minus the fact that the great Ivan Borovsky was in it. This match ended in a draw, so the title was "defended" by Ivan.

"The Fake Face of Pasta" - Draven

This RP carried with itself another comical aspect. The jobber Davon Hills called out Draven, but Draven sat back and insulted him. Enraged, Davon went backstage where Draven would assault him like a coward. 7/10

"Magical Nonsense" - The Mage

The title is meaningless. Everything usually involving magic is nonsense. Mage just addressed the crowd with a few complaints involving his upcoming match. xXx came out towards the end, needless to say, he seemed pretty pissed. 5/10 (Mage is still learning to RP.)

Match 3: Vadim Borovsky and Xaiver Xerses Xidous vs. The Mage and The Rapper GG Crum

Another one sided match. The Borovsky brothers easily dominate wherever they go. The victory was handed to the team of Vadim Borovsky and Xaiver Xerses...However you spell his name after Vadim landed a LEGENDARY Russian Roulette.

"xXx Lifts" - xXx

This RP went very into detail. I liked the amount of rage it carried. It was an amazing RP. It would have been better if he could have used complete sentences and came up with a better name during character creation. 9/10

Match 4: Sebastian Wolfe and ZozzoneMascherato vs. Max Payne and Footz

When I look back on this day, 10/20/2014, I'll remember it as the day of one sided matches. Sebastian just screwed around in the ring until he tagged in Zozzone, who easily destroyed the enemies. Zozzone picked up the victory with an ULTIMATE Booooomba. (Yes, I counted the os.)

"Mage and a Limo" - The Mage

Some more magical shenanigans from Mage. Not even going to go to far into detail. Another solid 5/10.

"Hunter Returns" - Hunter Death

Hunter Death addresses his opponent, Po1ski, proclaiming his absolute dominance. This RP was short, but sweet. It would have been wonderful if Hunter kept his "Steamed" image, but I will not judge. Sadly, people around here can not complete their sentences. 9/10

Match 5: Kouhi Ronaka vs. Hellraiser (SWS ImmortalHD Championship)

Finally, a good match that wasn't one sided. This match constantly flew back and forth, usually with Hellraiser leading. In a HUGE turnaround, Kouhi delivered a devastating Tanakori Frankensteiner for the win. Successfully defending his title.

"Revenge For Some Insults" - Anonymous

This RP is exactly what the name states. Some "Lousier" guy insulted one of our members with one of his old gimmicks. This RP was probably the best one of the night. 10/10

Match 6: McFlyman vs. Joninyan

McFlyman got the hell beat out of him for the first half of the match. He then suddenly became overpowered and obliterated Joninyan. Really short match.

"Addressing an Idiot" - Kouhi Ronaka.

Another short RP. Kouhi is on the phone talking about his career to his friend, Kouji. He hangs up soon after the RP begins to address xXx. Basically, he's tired of his shit. 10/10

Match 7: Po1ski vs. Hunter Death

A fight breaks out before the match begins. All hell breaks loose. It suddenly gets back under control and Po1ski gives us a hell of a match where he crushes Hunter. Where's the trash talk now, Mr. Death (Steam)?

"Giving a Shot" - HCTPF5

HCTPF5 barges into based overlord Phil's office and has a chat with him about how he is going to easily win his match. He then heads to the ring to prepare. Based. 10/10

Match 8: Here comes the pain F5 vs. Gifu Borga (SWS World Heavyweight Championship)

HCTPF5 crushes Gifu. Nuff said.

Overall show rating: 6.5/10

There were just way to many one sided matches tonight. The RPs were mostly good, which is why I decided to give it a 6.5

Remember, these are my opinions, and they are always right. This is for entertainment purposes only. Do not feel free to post your opinions below.

That's all!
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The Mage
NXT Star
NXT Star

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PostSubject: Re: The Steam Segment 10/20/2014   Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:21 pm

Thanks for the critics, I now know what I got to do......
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Kevin Steam
Kevin Steam

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PostSubject: Re: The Steam Segment 10/20/2014   Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:27 am

Like I said, you are still learning to RP. I just gave your RPs 5/10 for the time being. Do not feel upset because of your rating.
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PostSubject: Re: The Steam Segment 10/20/2014   

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The Steam Segment 10/20/2014
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