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 The Steam Segment 10/27/14

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The Steam Segment 10/27/14 Empty
PostSubject: The Steam Segment 10/27/14   The Steam Segment 10/27/14 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2014 11:01 pm

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Steam Segment. After every show, I will post a Steam Segment, in which I critically review the show. Let us begin.

Introduction ("Kevin Better Watch This'): I would like to thank our GM for giving me that wonderful note at the beginning. Rest assured, I watched it.

Match 1: Fan Boy vs. CPS GONNA KILL YOU

The lack of creativity for names in this federation fails to impress me every time. I'll spare CPS the insult, but Fan Boy, really? Gah, whatever. This match was over quickly. Fan boy stomped CPS, ending the match with a Fantastic "Hart Breaker". Can you spell?

"Phil Talks To a Jobber" - Draven

In this RP, we get a glimpse of our not so friendly neighborhood jobber, Davon Hills, talking to our great overlord Phil. Davon makes an insane entrance into Phil's office and is sent out immediately. He retries his entrance only to request a hardcore match with Draven. I personally liked this RP, especially the part where the n00b jobber Davon tried to faint Phil. How insane. 8/10

Match 2: Draven The Executioner vs KNAS

This is a repeat of Draven's debut match to SWS, but with one exception. Well possibly two if you wish to be technical. Difference one, KNAS actually held out a little against Draven. Difference two, Draven added a twist ending. In response to Davon's request, Draven shows SWS just how hardcore he can really get. He knocks KNAS out cold on the floor. It wasn't to amusing to me though. You could have done better on that RP, Draven.

Match 3: Tyler Collins vs. Ivan Borovsky (SWS TV Championship)

Didn't we have this match last week? This can't be happening again? Oh wait it can. It did. I really don't like the fact that we get a repeat of a match. It did however end differently. Ivan got beat up hard during the first half, but with a great turn around, he pulled out another title defense. All praise Ivan.

"xXx Meets The Legend" - xXx

Talk about a good RP. Despite my possible dislikes for xXx, he played part in an awesome RP. Daniel attempted to interview him but xXx was seriously shoving him away. Then, out of nowhere, Dark Lord Trevor Goodnight appears. They trade some words in which Trevor owns xXx. Sorry man, Dark Lords always win. 9/10

Match 4: Gregorius Imperius and Vadim Borovsky VS Royler Gracie and McFlyman

Oh great Gregorius. The guy who only gets booked for his fan count. Some might call him a "Jobber" but whatever. He tagged with the great Vadim Borovsky to crush some peasant English men. The Russian Roulette wins again!

"Challenge" - Gregorius Imperius

Holy 5H1T, the "Jobber" RPed? Wow. It wasn't much though. He just addressed the champions in the locker room asking if any of them were brave enough to fight him. Due to the lack of actual dialogue and content to judge, I give it a decent rating. 5/10

"xXx Gets Interviewed" - xXx

Scarred for life, Daniel had to send in Seamus to get that interview he had been wanting. xXx said some "choice words" to our Immortal HD Champion, Kouhi Ronaka, and is super pissed off while doing it. I wonder how much salt he consumes every night before wrestling. Nevertheless, I liked this RP as well. xXx, you have done good this week. 7/10

Match 5: Hellraiser vs. Davon Hills

Phil warned us about this match earlier. It's never a pretty sight when the head jobber, Davon Hills, wrestles. Just to spare you the pain of a description, he got his ass beat.

"Never Waste The Rum" - Sebastian Wolfe

Wow kudos to you, Sebastian Wolfe. This RP really brings home the cake. Fantastic jokes. "The gun was nearly empty...," "Chest full of Hulk Hogan sex tapes...," "Not as good as your mother's", so funny. Sebastian shot his crew member for getting rid of rum and then opened a chest of Hulk Hogan sex tapes. Random but GREAT. (Still could go without the pirate gimmick.) 10/10

Match 6: xXx vs. Kouhi Ronaka

Boy did xXX hold up to his promise. He gave a BRUTAL smack down to Kouhi. He destroyed him in ring, but he didn't stop there. He got a baseball bat and just obliterated Kouhi. Kouhi actually did pick up the win due to the disqualification of xXx.

"Addressing The Tag Titles Situation" - HCTPF5

Not much to say on this one. Based God Lord Phil comes up with a solution to the tag team problem. It involved Phil so I'll give it the spotlight it deserves. 10/10

Match 7: Here Comes The Pain F5 vs. ZozzoneMascherato (SWS World Heavyweight Championship)

As soon as the match begins, it is interrupted. HCTPF5's opponent last week, Gifu Borga, who he stomped, came in and beat Zozzone with a pipe. He then kicked HCTPF5 in the groin. HCTPF5 gets a "defense" due to the ruling of "No Contest".

"Po1ski Converses With The Based Overlord" - Po1ski

Seems Davon wasn't the only one with a request tonight. Po1ski walks into Phil's office, he is also hella rude but his status permits the small intrusion, and he requests a title shot. Phil, being the great GM he is, kindly gives him one. The stipulation is also made that it is going to be the first ever ladder match in SWS! Great RP to you, Po1ski. 9/10

Match 8: Po1ski and Sebastian Wolfe vs. Hunter Death and The Mage

Ouch. Just ouch. Po1ski seems to be all over Hunter Death. I wouldn't be surprised if he won the title at the PPV. Mage didn't do much, and Sebastian helped slightly, but we all know who the stars of this match were. Fighting with these greats did give mage some great screen time though.

Overall Show Rating: 9/10

This show was such an improvement from last week. Most of these matches were actually fair! On top of that, the RPs were even better! The show wasn't perfect, but it was honestly close. What a great lead into the PPV.

Remember, these are my opinions, and they are always right. This is for entertainment purposes only. Do not feel free to post your opinions below.

That's all!
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The Steam Segment 10/27/14
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