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 Statement From Da Champ

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PostSubject: Statement From Da Champ   Statement From Da Champ I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2014 9:27 am

*Here comes the pain F5's music hits and the arena goes wild for the new SWS world champion*

James Wilson: Here he is, Hordan! the face of SWS!

Jordan Mathewson: His hard work paid off. Just imagine that if Rikishi never walked out on us F5 wouldn't have been in the title match.  So, thanks, Rikishi!

*Here comes the pain F5 enters the ring and grabs a microphone but waits before he speaks so he can soak in all the "F5" chants*

F5: When I first came into SWS..I never imagined I will hold this.

*F5 raises the title above his head*

F5: I mean..I chased the tag titles with Gracie when the Russian Bros were on top. But I never planned on becoming world champion.

*Fans start a "He deserves it!" chant*

F5: After Rikishi bailed on our match and quit and Phil Barnabush searched someone to end Cain's streak. I understood I had to do what's best for business. I needed to be the one who takes out the monster. And I did so. And it felt real f#$%^&ing good. Now as in what's next? I have no idea. But here is what I am gonna do. I will defend this title against all challengers..wheter it's Ivan or Po1ski or Kouhi Ronaka. Even Hunter Death. I will be a fighting champion. I will retain the legitness  to this title. And I know legitness isn't a real word , Bouncer. But anyways is not a real word either.

*F5 raises the title once again and leaves to backstage area*
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Statement From Da Champ
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