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 The Master of Ass

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PostSubject: The Master of Ass   Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:58 pm

**Rikishi makes his way down to the ring clinging onto a microphone. He slides into the ring and hangs himself over the apron staring over at the entrance.**

Rikishi: Man, did you guys see me last week? I was on fire. Two matches in one night. I think that's enough proof to show you shitty fans that i'm the best wrestler this federation has to offer.

**The fans begin to taunt Rikishi.**

Rikishi: You guys just can't seem to see good talent when it's standing right in front of you, it's a pity that you're all such idiots. Speaking of idiots though, it seems i've got a match with Justin Harvelle tonight. Now it's been some time since this rookie has run his mouth but i've got some unfinished business with him.

**Rikishi pauses for a moment and looks out to the crowd.**

Rikishi: When Harvelle first entered this fedearation, he began running his mouth about the way I wrestle. I let it slide at the time, cause he was just a young rookie trying to make a name for himself. But now the time has come for this rookie to be put in his place. So tonight Harvelle you better prepare yourself because tonight, you're face will be pressed up against this amazing ass. The master of ass will show you to respect those superior to you.

**Rikishi exits the ring and heads backstage**
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The Master of Ass
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