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 Introducing the stinkface master

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PostSubject: Introducing the stinkface master   Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:38 pm

**A large wrestler, wearing a giant thong makes his way down into the ring.**

?: I know what you're all thinking and it is true. My ass is real.

**Many of the fans cringe at the sight of the large man's ass.**

?: Let me start off by introducing the best wrestler this federation has to offer. The one, the only, me. Rikishi

**The crowd boos**

Rikishi: I also want you guys to meet a good friend of mine. So why don't you guys give a warm welcome to my friend, Rumpster.

**Another fat wrestler wearing a superhero costume comes down to the ring.**

Rikishi: Rumpster here is going to help me out, by giving a quick demonstration.

**Rikishi kicks Rumpster in the jaw, knocking him to the floor**

Rikishi irish whips Rumpster into the nearby turnbuckle. Rikishi then proceeds to slap his giant ass. Rikishi charges forward, leaps into the air and smacks Rumpster in the chest with his giant ass causing him to fall into a seated position against the turnbuckle.
Rikishi then walks over towards Rumpster and turns himself around. His massive ass hovers a few inches from Rumpster's face. He then begins to humiliate Rumpster by rubbing his ass in his Rumpster's face executing Fantastic Stinkface

Rikishi: This was a small message to all those backstage, if you try to cross me, that's the position you'll end up in.

**Rikishi leaves the ring.**
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Introducing the stinkface master
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