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 SWS Forum Rules

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SWS Forum Rules  Empty
PostSubject: SWS Forum Rules    SWS Forum Rules  I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 8:02 pm

1.) Respect everybody. Or something.

2.) Do not share your account info with anybody. The only person using your account should be YOU.

3.) Try to refrain from insulting (flaming) others on this forum too much. This forum is meant to be fun. Or something.

4) This rule relates to what I said above. Don't take anything too seriously.

5.) Discussions/debates are fine as long as they are kept civil and do not break any rules and do not decline into an all out stupid dispute. Or something.

6.) No spamming/flooding. This is repeated letters, words, statements, whole match reports etc.

7.) One should keep internal problems to themselves and solve it by themselves. If anything gets too out of hand come to talk to me about it.

8.) Please try to post your threads in the correct section.

Well that's it. PASTA.
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SWS Forum Rules
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