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 The way this forum works

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PostSubject: The way this forum works   Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:45 am

This forum is meant to be helpful to everybody. It helps me because I can organize the shows better knowing what happens next, and it helps you because you know when you'll be on the show, when you need to role-play, and who you're feuding with.

Sadly not everybody is going to be active. If someone wants to role-play for another person, that is fine by me, but it would still be great if you could post your plans in this thread. I will allow everybody (if they want to) to role-play for more characters not including themselves, but don't make the other character become a too much of a complete fool.

With that being said, here is what I'd like the final format to be in...

Week 1 (minor):
Week 1 (major):
Week 2 (minor):
Week 2 (major):
Week 3: (minor):
Week 3: (major)
Week 4 (minor):
Week 4 (PPV):

Here is an example...

Week 1 (minor): Jeff vs Johnny; Gale costs Jeff the match.
Week 1 (major): Jeff is mad; Gale vs Trent; Jeff costs Gale the match
Week 2 (minor): Nothing
Week 2 (major): Gale challenges Jeff to a match at the PPV; Jeff accepts.
Week 3: (minor): Nothing.
Week 3: (major) Gale & Jeff contract signing.
Week 4 (minor): Gale vs Siera; Jeff vs Tyler (just to get 3 matches)
Week 4 (PPV): Gale vs Jeff

Also you must remember that not every feud has to end at the end of the season. Some feuds can go two - three seasons if you want. If you have any questions just reply.
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The way this forum works
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