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 Match change cause Gm still the boss

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PostSubject: Match change cause Gm still the boss   Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:26 pm

Cash storms into GM Phil Barnabush office to make last man standing against Lousier with a fire in his eye however is greeted by Barnabush.

GM Barnabush; Ah Cash Money Hustler ust person I want see. We have a problem , well several. Well one SWS Strong style is being defended this week with Joninyan who was promised a title shoot against T Rubin. So that's a a no go. I understand your loyalty to company, I can respect that. I also understand why you stepped up , also respectable HOWEVER firing live rounds into a crowd, not good. Huge liability and if fan would got hit we'd have lawsuit on our hands along with insurance and so on and so forth. I would also have you refrain from making matches , sorry we have new office people and they kind of jumped the gun on me and card was up but not hit everyone with the information to superstars. For that i apologize. Here...... (hands Cash a paper with this weeks matches into his gold ringed hands.)

Cash removes his white fuzzy Fadora hat and scratches his head and chuckles: I fighting ANUS??? he points to paper.
Cash:See Cash Money vs Anus

GM Phil Barnabush looks over paperwork GM Barnabush: It's a typeo new receptionist is very good, however she is very good looking. It's Angus the raging bull.He's from Highland Scotland.

Cash: Highland Scotch got couple bottles in limo good stuff. Gonna say chief, I fought some A(BEEP)holes in my time but not an anus. Still kind of like take Loser or whatever that new punk ass B(beep) name is but you sign the checks. Think gonna look your receptionist over if she can't type may have another position for her that pays well. So gm when is it my time to get some gold time in. SH(BEEP) everyone else and they mothers jumping in, I like gold belt to match rest of the bling, feel me?

GM Phil Barnabush: well Mr. hustler we'll see hopefully soon.
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Match change cause Gm still the boss
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