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PostSubject: Re: Rikishi   Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:29 pm

Wrestler Name: Rikishi

Wrestler Level: 100(Master Level)

Age (character): 33

Build: It's to good for you.

Fans: Everyone is a fan of me.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 435lbs

Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel

Hometown: California

Nickname: The Stinkface Master

Backstory: Not much is known about Rikishi's childhood or much about his teenage years. His wrestling career started abruptly. Rikishi tore through opponents like no tomorrow. He became an unstoppable force. Rikishi also had the habit of planting his huge ass into his opponent's faces after the match was over. He became an unbeatable opponent. Recently Rikishi was approached by GM HCTPF5 asking to join his new federation. Rikishi refused the request but wagered a match instead. Not much is known about what really happened, some say GM HCTPF5 wiped the floor with Rikishi, while others believe Rikishi received a stinkface that nearly crushed his pride. Rikishi never speaks of the match, but now stands at GM HCTPF5's side.

---Stinkface (Rikishi throws [nome] into the turnbuckle. He then begins to pat his ass. He charges toward [nome] and hits him with his ass causing him to fall into a sitting position.Rikishi then walks over towards [nome] and turns himself around. He then begins to humiliate [nome] by rubbing his ass in his [nome]'s face executing Stinkface)
---Atomic Ass Bomb (Rikishi stands over [nome]'s head and stares down at him. He begins to taunt [nome] by smacking his ass cheeks. He then runs over to a nearby turnbuckle. Rikishi climbs onto the top rope and leaps into the air. He then comes crashing down onto [nome]'s face with his ass. Rikishi begins to rub his ass in [Nome]'s face attempting to make him pass out executing Atomic Ass Bomb )
---Ass pin (Rikishi grabs [nome] and throws him onto the mat. Rikishi stands over [nome]'s face and begins to taunt him by smacking his ass. Rikishi drops onto [nome]'s face and begins to smother it with his ass. Rikishi tries to apply all his weight onto [nome]'s face executing Ass Pin )

--- Fat Ass Splash Pin
--- Ass Drop

---Full Moon (Rikishi Throws His Opponent Onto The Floor And Begins To Smoother His Opponent's Face With His Fat Ass executing A Full Moon)
---Ass Slap (Rikishi Walks Towards His Opponent And Begins To Slap His Ass executing An Ass Slap)

Catch Phrase:
"Tonight your face and my ass are going to be real close friends."
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