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 Unscheduled Appearence

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PostSubject: Unscheduled Appearence    Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:48 am

**As The Crowd Roles Through The Crazy SWS Crowd, The Lights Suddenly Go Out**

James Wilson: This Has To Be Good!!

**Red & Black Lights Show Up In The Rafters As eXtreme Player Stands With His Hood Up**

Jordan Mathewson: It's It's eXtreme Player

James Wilson: Told You It Was Something Good!

**eXtreme Player Puts His Hood Down**

eXtreme Player: 9-23-13 Everyone Witnessed The First Destruction Of My Road To Redemption & Tonight It Will Continue

**Crowd Boos Fill The Arena**

Jordan Mathewson: What Is He Taking About He Doesn't Have A Match Scheduled

eXtreme Player: You Don't Know Who & You Don't Know When But Tonight My Redemption Will Continue

James Wilson: I'm Liking This

eXtreme Player: T. Rublin Found Out That I'm Serious & Tonight Another Will Find Out That I'm Dead Serious

**eXtreme Players Gives An Evil Look To The Crowd As Their Boos Get Louder**

eXtreme Player: Those Backstage Be Aware That Redemption + Your Destruction = My Salvation

**eXtreme Player Puts His Hood Back Up As The Lights Go Out Again**

James Wilson: I Wonder Who's Destruction Will Take Place Tonight

**Lights Come Back On Showing eXtreme Player Gone... Cameras Role To The Commentators**

Jordan Mathewson: I Don't Know, It Could Be Anyone

James Wilson: I Hope Its You

**James Wilson Laughs**

Jordan Mathewson: You Would Say That

James Wilson: Well Even If Its Not You, I Can't Wait To See Someone Get Destroyed By eXtreme Player Tonight

Jordan Mathewson: Why Are You So Evil James?, You Know What Don't Answer That Lets Head To The Ring For Our Next Match Instead

**Camera Roles To The Announcer To Announce The Next Match**
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Unscheduled Appearence
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