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 Clever title

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Johny Weatherly
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SD! Superstar

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PostSubject: Clever title    Fri Sep 20, 2013 5:10 pm

**The lights in the arena go dark and the fans go silent as Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel plays**

James Wilson: Again with this crap? although the song playing is amazing. 

Jordan Mathewson: Yes. 

**A man with long hair makes his way to the ring but no one else knows what he looks like since it's dark**

???: Alright , turn on the *censored* lights!

**The lights go back on and the fans cheer for the man in the ring**

Jordan Mathewson: IT'S JOHNY WEATHERLY! 

James Wilson: Who?

Jordan Mathewson: International star you dumb. 

Johny Weatherly: Hey.

**The crowd replies with "Hi!"**

Johny Weatherly: Well..I am in SWS. 

**The crowd cheers some more because Johny Weatherly is da man** 

Johny Weatherly: I guess some of you are asking who the hell is the Richard in the ring right?

James Wilson: Yes.

Johny Weatherly: Well I am Johny Weatherly. I have been in the best feds ev..well that's a lie. I never been in a fed until now.

**The crowd gasps** 

Johny Weatherly: I usually just wrestled on the indies or at my basement. But I am making my fed debut here in Shoot Wrestling Society. 

**"Johny" chants erupt**

James Wilson: Johnny Weatherly is thick. 

Johny Weatherly: HEY WILSON , IT'S JOHNY YOU  THICK *censored* 

Jordan Mathewson: Ha. 

Johny Weatherly: Anyway , peace. 

**Johny Weatherly leaves as "Sledgehammer" plays and the camera fades** 
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GM Phil Brooks
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Hall Of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: Clever title    Fri Sep 20, 2013 5:29 pm

This RP isn't an A but it is a solid B+. Also you forgot to mention it is for Week 2.
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Clever title
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