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 special guest for 1st ring appearance.

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PostSubject: special guest for 1st ring appearance.   Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:59 pm

Ric Ross walks thru  crowd performing Cash Money's theme song Where's My Money, Live for Cash Money Hustler enterance and fans of SWS.
Open fires over fans heads both sub machine guns barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena
Cash Money Hustler makes his way to the ring
White Fur coat, Iced out Bling,bright Fadora hat,and matching Silk suit
Gold flecked Golden Limo greets the mob from the limousine''s roof )with Peaches, Frenchie, and Freak Baby the B- Girls whom all step out limo and walk to the ring as Ross follows. The B girls,who kiss Ca$h Money Hu$tler each for good luck. A green dollar sign spotlight shine down on all in the ring.

Cash Money:Hold up, Make some noise for my boy Rick Ross for walking me down to the ring. (pause for whoots and hollas). Rick I glad your here to night cause I need another rich brothas opinion on some thing up in here.

Rick Ross nods.


Joninyans interview plays
Joninyan: Just another match against another opponent. I didn't come to Shoot Wrestling Society to make friends or to make money. I came here to wrestler my way to the top. Some guys are addicted to alcohol or drugs or money, I don't care about those things. My addiction is wrestling. The competition. The ambition to move forward and strike down any opponent that stands in your way to the top. And that is going to happen sooner rather than later.

Cash: Now you look as shocked as me at this bs? My jaw dropped, luckly Peaches dusted it off and gave me some sweet kisses as it was put back into place. NOW I would like try to explain this simply so Joninyan can understand. YOU CAN'T BE ADDICTED TO MONEY FOOL. If so Bill Gates and everyone in Forbes magazine would be in a comma from a OD. You say your not here to make friends or money. I get the friends part in this business friends come and go but N(BEEP) WRESTLING  yo job, you get a paycheck for your JOB. Now I cleared my Attorney Bearney to contact main office. I AM GONNA SAVE YOU FROM ALL THAT DIRTY MONEY win or lose your check will come to me. See we all good now. You can wrestle for free. So you can try pay RENT wrestling your landlord , or how bout groceries maybe you can wrestle cashier till cop come pick your dopey ass up. Better yet Hold  Up I got present for ya.

Cash turns his back to crowd and pulls a black marker out of his fur coat and writes something on large sheet of white poster board paper that  Frenchie and Peaches are holding up. He grins and steps back for second to admire his work and laughs displaying his gold iced smile. And quickly holds sign up over his head by the string around it.


Fans and crowd in the ring bust up laughing as Cash hangs it on ring post for Joninyan.
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special guest for 1st ring appearance.
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