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 Im Here(Weekly Show)(Open)

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Im Here(Weekly Show)(Open) Empty
PostSubject: Im Here(Weekly Show)(Open)   Im Here(Weekly Show)(Open) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2015 10:14 pm

The camera appears in the arena where the screaming fans are at.
The lights go off then come back on then go off again and come back then repeats it again till they darken and Follow Me by Iron Solomon hits the arena. A man in street clothes comes from the backstage and heads to the ring. On his way to the steps he ask for mic and heads up the steel steps though the ropes and into the ring. He brings the mic up to his faces as the cheering fans cal down.

Ray:What's up peeps!

The fans let out a big cheer

Ray:If you don't know who I am the man that rebels against any force, the man that can bring a wool that can be heard around the world, I am Ray... Ray the Upriser and peeps the Uprising is coming. All of you wonderful fans I am the newest addition to the SWS roster as well as a rookie to professional wrestling but I have had many battles though independent circuit and shown great promise if not I would be here. I'm here to advance my wrestling career and win title, respect, and be amazing of course. Whether I do that stuff is really up to you fans so give me the chance to show you all the power of the Uprising!

The fans cheer wildly for Ray as he smiles

Ray:I will definitely love it where

The fans cheer and chant "SWS,SWS,SWS"

Ray:Now,Now quiet down time to get to business tonight I have a match and I hope I have a opponent fitting my skill if not we'll be seeing some Beat Down Fest!

Occ:Anyone can interrupt me Razz
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Im Here(Weekly Show)(Open)
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