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PostSubject: PLB   Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:46 am

Kevin Rey is seen exiting the arena for some fresh air as he begins to think out loud

Kevin Rey: Another day at the office, it seems.  You'd think that after going 2 - 0 with someone, they'd stop; they had to make it 3 - 0. It doesn't matter; after tonight, it'll be a clean sweep, and I can focus on the title.

The security guard walks away as Kevin approaches the entrance

Kevin Rey: That's weird. I wonder where he--

Kevin Rey is attacked from behind by a masked man before heading back in

Masked Man: It's nothing personal, I assure you. Everyone has to get paid somehow.

[Kevin Rey begins to battle back as Sir Vevincia runs outside[/i]

Kevin Rey: Wonderful. Guess I should've expected this.

Sir Vevincia catches Masked Man off guard as he runs toward him and strikes his midsection, executing anULTIMATE Spear

Kevin Rey: Wow, I -- thank you.

Sir Vevincia: Don't get too choked up. I just want to make sure they're no excuses after I beat your ass tonight.

Kevin Rey chuckles before he replies

Kevin Rey: Even still, thank you.

Sir Vevincia: I ain't one for sappy moments; either we stop talking, or I kick your pu[CENSORED]ass right here.

Kevin Rey: Fair enough.

The camera fades to black as the two walk into the arena, and part ways
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