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 Shawshank ain't got nothing on me

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Allister King
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World Heavyweight Champion

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PostSubject: Shawshank ain't got nothing on me   Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:49 pm

The Camera opens up to show a police station's jail cells. It then goes down showing each cell as it does but stops when it gets to a particular cell holding an oh so familar face. Well technically back, as he appears to be using the toilet over in the corner. After he is finished, he turns around.

Allister King: "This place is disgusting! Doesn't even have anywhere to wash my hand?"

He looks about before wiping his hands on his jeans. He looks up and sees the camera man. He rushes over and slams into the cage with both hands clutching bars.

Allister King: "Do you enjoy the sight? Take a picture, oh wait, you are filming this or broadcasting live or whatever it is you do. Or maybe, yeah just maybe, you aren't even real. Yeah, that's it, just a figment of my imaginations, the tormented nightmares of a madman. You are always watching, always following it makes sense"

He releases the grip of one hand and begins to walk away while slowly letting go of his grip

Allister King: "I've been in here for 3 hours already and i have already started losing my mind."

He starts laughing like a hyena while running round in a circle. Then he starts jumping and spinning. He stops and dances back over to the cameraman

Allister King: "I bet you are wondering why i am in here huh? Come closer, i will tell you"

The camera zooms in a bit

Allister King: "Closer"

The camera zooms in more

Allister King: "Closer"

The camera is zoomed as much as it can

Allister King: "Too much! Back it up!"

The camera zooms out

Allister King: "I killed Mufasa!! Ahahahahaha!!"

He jumps on the bars and starts acting like a monkey

Allister King: "You gotta get me out man! You know what they would do to me in here? Cause i don't! Oh the humanity!"

He starts crying and dives to the floor

Allister King: "Why? Why did it happened? It was an accident!"

He starts crying louder. A guard comes down and bangs on the bars

Guard: "King! You're free to go!"

He stops crying, nips up and starts to walk out of the cell with a spring in his step. As he passes the guard, he is grabbed

Guard: "You are just lucky that old woman didn't want to press charges. Assault on the elderly is a serious offense."

Allister King: "Yeah well next time will know not to call bingo when im playing. The word will spread, the old shall fear me and all the Bingos shall be mine! I will own the night and conquer the world, one step a time."

He walks away then he decides to walk backwards

Allister King: "Conquer the world of competitive bingo!"

He starts walking away. He lifts his leg and lets out a loud fart

Allister King: "It wasn't me"

He continues on walking

Allister King: "SHAGGY!"

As Allister leaves, the camera fades to black
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Shawshank ain't got nothing on me
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