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 PPV Interview

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Kevin Rey

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PostSubject: PPV Interview   Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:32 pm

**The titatron shows a image of Daniel Gidlow holding a mic and smiling at the camera**

Daniel Gidlow: Hello everyone watching the Shoot Wrestling Society! I am Daniel Gidlow as you may know, and I'm here at the backstage of our first Pay Per View in 2015! I'm in front of Kevin Rey's locker room, and we will try to make he say some words about his first pay per view match in his carrer!

**The camera turns and shows the door of the Locker Room, where is written "Kevin Rey", as Daniel knocks three times in the door.**

Daniel Gidlow: Is anybody there?

**Daniel keeps looking at the door with his mic up, as a loud voice is heard**

Kevin Rey: Who is this?

Daniel Gidlow: It's Daniel Gidlow, would you mind saying a few words with us before your match?

**A loud sigh is heard, as the door open**

Kevin Rey: Fine, come in...

**Kevin is already with his usual ring clothing, the black camo pants, boots and a tank top with the logo of Dropkick Murphys**

Daniel Gidlow: Thank you Kevin, I'll be very brief with you an-

Kevin Rey: Don't worry about it, I have time until my match begin, we can talk about whatever you want.

**Kevin Rey goes back in his locker room and sits in his couch while he is watching the PPV that has already began in his TV**

Kevin Rey: Make yourself home, pull a chair and sit, I won't stand to talk with you guys, sorry, I need to have all my energy for my match.

**Daniel looks uncomfortable as he looks at the camera and gives a fake smile, but he pulls a chair and sit near the couch**

Daniel Gidlow: Ok Kevin, that's exactly what I'm here to talk about, your match against Sir Vevincia tonight. What are your expectations for this match?

Kevin Rey: My expectations for the match are very low, everyone that watches SWS already know that Sir Vevincia isn't a match for me. I already made him tap out, I already pinned him, and tonight I would hold a mic in his mouth and you all will hear he scream those two words very loud. I was really expecting for a title shot tonight. But my expectations for the Pay Per View are huge! I love to fight in this federation, and I love the crowd that has been always there for me.

Daniel Gidlow: Well, that is truth, and is another one of the things I would like to talk with you, you've a streak of three wins and only one loss, and the crowd ha-

Kevin Rey: Wait, wait, wait. I don't have a loss. Some kid got smashed in a tag team match, but I'm not partner of that dude, and I don't even want to be. I have three matches, and three wins. And what were you going to say about the crowd?

Daniel Gidlow: Okay, yeah, the crowd seems to like you a lot, can you say your secret that make them love you that much?

Kevin Rey: You see Dan, I guess I don't have a secret. I'm just honest and talk what I think about everyone and everything, I'm not a liar, and I don't play a character here. I am as much me at the gym, as I am in the arena, as I am in my house.

**Kevin gets up, grabs a can of beer and sits again**

Daniel Gidlow: Great, and what are your thoughts on the federation as you just achieve one month in here?

Kevin Rey: I'm enjoying it a lot, it is my first professional federation in my carrer, and I've been treated very nicelly by all the staff and some wrestlers too. I can't say that everyone is being nice, because there is a lot of dumb wrestlers in this federation. But in the overall, this is the best moment of my carrer, again, I would love to fight for a belt tonight, but I'm pretty happy where I am right now.

Daniel Gidlow: And to finish this interview, I will let you get back to prepare yourself to your fight, who is the person you've been talking in your cellphone around the corridors? A lot of fans want to know that!

Kevin Rey: That's enough. Thank you for coming, you may go right now.

**Kevin gets up and leads Daniel and the camera man to the door, and slams it**

Daniel Gidlow: Well, that was our interview with the wrestler Kevin Rey, that will have a I quit match tonight at this pay per view! You all be-

**The doors open as Kevin puts his hands on Daniel's microphone and pulls inside of his locker room**

Kevin Rey: Thank you, I will need this mic for my match.

**The camera focus on Daniel Gidlow that stares at the camera with a graceless face, and the camera fades to black**
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PPV Interview
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