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 From Slums to Championship

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PostSubject: From Slums to Championship   Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:58 pm

*Soorya is seen in the backstage area. He is walking slowly. There is no usual vigor in his body language. The head is dropped down; shoulders low. There is a faint shade of nervousness on his face.*

*The camera zooms on Daniel Gidlow who is coming towards Soorya. He seems eager to take his interview so as soon as he approaches Soorya he greets him.*

Daniel Gidlow: Soorya, hi there! How are you?

*Soorya brings a smile on his face, and speaks in a low voice.*

Soorya: I am fine, thank you Daniel.

Daniel Gidlow: Hey, you don't seem energetic today; what happened? Is there something wrong?

*Soorya tries to hide his nervousness; clears his throat and although his voice is breaking he speaks anyway.*

Soorya: No, nothing wrong, absolutely. Just that I am thinking about something and was lost in thoughts. You tell me, what's up?

Daniel Gidlow: I first wish to congratulate you.

Soorya: Congratulate me? What for?

*Soorya seems a bit confused. He tries to think if he as done anything special to be congratulated for. But he can't remember. His facial expression shows curiosity in his eyes. He straight away looks into Daniel's eyes and eagerly waits for him to speak.*

Daniel Gidlow: For being chosen as the contender for the SWS Strong Style Championship!

*Daniel Gidlow gives a warm smile. He too seems eager to have Soorya's response on this. Soorya, for the first time in the day, gives a genuine smile.*

Soorya: Thank you so much. I really, really, have no words to describe. I had never expected I will be able to challenge for a championship in such a short span in my career.

*Soorya pauses for a moment. Daniel Gidlow takes this opportunity and questions him further.*

Daniel Gidlow: So, how are you feeling about it? Excited?

Soorya: Pretty much. I gonna fight Polski who is a worthy opponent. This match is gonna be the most crucial match in my career. But somehow I feel that I don't deserve all this.

*Daniel Gidlow looks surprised.*

Daniel Gidlow: Waht do you mean? This is what you came for, this is why you are here, right?

Soorya: Absolutely. But there are so many veterans in this federation. I can see how hard they work; how much effort they take in each match. I tend to think, is it too early for my career to reach near top of it? Will it transform me from a sane person to an arrogant, boastful man whose ego will be greater than his true worth? 

Daniel Gidlow: Way are you saying so? I am pretty sure your feet will remain on ground! Why do you worry too much about it?

Soorya: Because I have seen such people. I have seen them climb and fall. I always feel scared if I would meet the same fate. Fortunately for me, my manager Mickey is there to support me. I was a rash, stupid slum boy. Had he not picked me up from the slums I might have remained rotting there.

*Soorya looks into the camera and speaks in a strong voice.*

Soorya: Thank you Mick; thank you from the bottom of my heart.

*Soorya then turns back to Daniel Gidlow and speaks to him.*

Soorya: Thank you too, Daniel. Thanks for supporting me; I hope I did not disappoint you.

*Soorya looks into the camera again and speaks to the audience.*

Soorya: And thank you audience! It's because of you, that I am here. I hope I don't disappoint you! Hope I will be true to your expectations for times to come!

*Soorya looks very pleasant now. He smiles at Daniel Gidlow and walks away.  The camera fades to dark.*
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From Slums to Championship
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