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 A message to all

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Kevin Rey

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PostSubject: A message to all   Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:20 pm

**The camera fades from black to a TV at the backstage, a loud and horrible noise coming out of it**

Male voice: Work already, come on!

**A male appears with a black T-shirt and a black camo pants and gives a punch on the top of the old TV**


**He punches twice again, and the sound stops with the image that turns black**

Male: Great, now this happen...

**That man slowly turns around and shows himself, as the camera zoom out until you can see his full body**

Kevin: Hey you there! I was trying to watch a movie but apparently I need to buy a TV if I want to watch something around here.

**Kevin walks outside the frame and the camera man catch up with Kevin sitting in a sofa with his cellphone in his hand**

Kevin: You see, I just received a text from my boss, and the GM told me I have a match today! Well, maybe this can't even be called as a match, maybe I should call it a sparring session.

**He throws his phone aside at the other seat and lay back**

Kevin: It seems like I'll face that Valencia guy - or whatever his crazy name is - and other than that, I'll have to tear him down... AGAIN! Try to follow me here, I beated that guy until his mother wished he never been born. I think the GM likes to see that guy tapping out on the mat, or that, or that guy begged to him to face me again because he likes being ashamed in public.

**Kevin picks up a pint of beer that is sitting in his table at the right side of the couch, and drinks half of it**

Kevin: Aaaahh, this is so good! What I'm trying to say here, is that it doesn't even mind that is that Sir Vacation, or whatever, I'm saying just that I won't back down. I'm like Jake La Motta, Tony Montana, Andrew Neyman, Howard Hughes - this one without the OCD -, I'm something from nothing, and I'll be even more than I'm right now, my goal is to fight, win, gain titles, beat records and build a legacy here. Sure, I might fall in the middle of that road, but I'll get my ass off the ground, tap the dirt away from my clothes, drink a pint, smoke a cigarrete and lift my fists against who ever is in front of me.

**He finishes his drink and put the glass away, the camera zoom in his face as he leans his face to the front, and stares seriously at the camera**

Kevin: So bring it up, put whoever you want in the other turnbuckle, I will fight until my last breath match after match, I will break barrier after barrier, and I will only stop when people from eight to eighty knows who Kevin Rey is. I'm about to show you all the toughtest motherfucker you've ever seen.

**Kevin keeps staring for five seconds as you can hear people cheer at the crowd, and the camera fades to black**
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A message to all
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