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 The Mage season 2 rp 2

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The Mage
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PostSubject: The Mage season 2 rp 2   The Mage season 2 rp 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2015 10:14 pm

The Mage, steps out to the ramp without a Theme music. He has a irritated look on his face.....

* There’s cheers sounds going throughout the crowd. *

Jordan Matthewson: Well ladies and gentlemen, The Mage is here, and he don’t look a bit happy this evening.

James Wilson: He deserved that lose, for running his mouth saying he’s the next up and coming legend, he’ll never reach that point, I’m glad that he never won that title.

**The Mage looks at the crowd. He shakes his head in disapproval.....**

The Mage: Well, ladies and gents i’ll try harder next time around, if I ever get the chance to.

*The crowd starts chanting “Mage!!!”*

James Wilson: Here’s the loser.......

**The Mage Cuts James off.**

The Mage: Fee Fi Fo Fum, i smell another target practice with a football today. The Mage, is here ladies and gentlemen, is in your presents, is feeling.......a bit down.

** The Mage pauses for a second, then looks at the ramp floor for a few seconds, he then looks up with a sadistic smile on his face.**

The Mage:But I finally got a title shot and loss, at which I can’t complain, THAT was a good match I do say so myself.

* The crowd cheers.*

James Wilson: .....................

The Mage: What’s wrong James, Things aren’t going your way lately?

*The Crowd: WHAT!!!*

The Mage: Are you feeling.......depressed?

*The Crowd: WHAT!!!*

The Mage:well I got the absolute cure for that......
* The Crowd cheers frantically.*

James Wilson: Hey Mage, if you throw another football at me, I will sue the.......

The Mage:MAGIC, just magic, because it is I, The Mage, will like to do.......magic.

*The Crowd and The Mage chuckled*

**The Mage pause for a second..**

Jordan Matthewson: Ummm.......where do I fit in to all of this.

** The Mage holds a white cloth over his right hand, wiggles his fingers from his left hand, then pulls the cloth up showing a rubber duck.**

** The crowd seems confused.**

The Mage:Hm, My magic is out of touch lately, sorry Ladies and Gents.......and James

Jordan Matthewson: Poor James, no magic show for you today, huh?

*James lets out a series of huge belches....... And bubbles starts to come out his mouth with each belch....*

Jordan Matthewson: Hm.....oh The Mage tricked us, good one Mage.

James Wilson: I think I’m going to be sick..........

The Mage: OH, there it goes, the rubber ducky trick, well there you have it.

** The Mage now approaches the ring.**

The Mage:Now back to the reason why I feel down lately.

** The Mage takes a huge breath.**

The Mage: since the start of the season, I......well......been losing.

* The Crowd started chanting “MAGE” again..*

*The Mage pause for a second to soak in the chants.**

The Mage:those losses burns me like a hot boiling water spilling on you.

**The Mage facial expression change boldness.**

The Mage:in order for me to be establish into this company, I will have to take some losses, but not for long, not for.........

**The Mage shows frustration.**

The Mage: Whatever the case may be, I will always be the best at what I do, What I do best is never give up.

*The crowd cheers goes frantic.*

The Mage:I’m not a quitter, a cheater, or a liar, I take opportunities head on without regret, not like some of those couch potatoes you call wrestlers, except the ones who gave me an honest match. So bring your legos block head, i cant believe it not magic but it is, mommas boy out here and COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Matthewson: Well there you have it, The Mage expressing his feelings about his previous matches, will this be his turning point, will this force him to go past his breaking limit?

James Wilson: Hordan, please shut the hell up.

Jordan Matthewson :......or will The Mage throw another football at James?

*James smacks Jordan with a stack of papers rolled up.*

** The Mage Sits in the ring for a couple of minutes, then leaves.**

End of segment..............
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The Mage season 2 rp 2
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