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 Demanding a match

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PostSubject: Demanding a match    Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:52 am

Thomas storms in while Phil is compiling the rest of the show

GM Phil: You know, most people knock when they come to request matches.

Sir Vevincia: Oh good, so you know why I'm here. Fantastic; now we can save ourselves the trouble of meaningless banter, which is good; I don't want to ruin any good suits on these vermin infested couches of yours.

Phil gives Thomas a half-amused face before he responds

GM Phil: I take it you want another shot at Kevin Rey, am I correct? Well sorry, he's already scheduled for a match; I'd be happy to give you a shot at his tag team partner from last week.

Sir Vevincia: What the hell would I want to with that fu[CENSORED]boy? He's delusional; I might as well be facing a man in a straight jacket!

GM Phill: So, what I'm hearing is -- you're scared of him.

Sir Vevincia: I'm not scared of anybody! He's not "dangerous" crazy; he's "LSD trip" crazy. I know I came in here to ask you for an easy match, but if you're not going to give me the one I want, you might as well give me a challenge!

GM Phil: What about this: if you beat Allister, I will give you a no holds barred match against Kevin next week!

Thomas accepts the terms as he walks out with a great look of disdain vibrating off of his face.

Jared walks up to Thomas as he leaves the office.

Sir Vevincia: What the hell do you want?

Jared: Take it easy, man; I just came to say that we worked surprisingly well together last week. I was thinking we could do it again sometime.

Sir Vevincia: Too late for that. I wanted to go against Kevin today so I show him again just how much better I am than him; apparently it did't work last week. He seems to think it's his partner's fault. He wants a singles match, and I'm happy to give him one -- yet the GM isn't. He has me in a match against his nutjob partner from last week.

Jared: I have an idea, then.

The camera fades as the two walk away from the camera.
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Demanding a match
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