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 Phil and Draven Discuss Business

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PostSubject: Phil and Draven Discuss Business   Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:32 pm

The camera awakens to reveal Draven and Kevin heading toward Phil's office.

Kevin: I can't believe you got a title shot last week and you blew it. Only a dolt could do something that stupid.

Draven: Calm down, bro. We're heading to Phil's office now to talk about it. I'm sure he'll do something for us considering the fact that I was screwed out of my title shot.

Kevin: Sigh, Phil is a jerk.

Draven: Nah, you just have to know how to talk to him. He is a large supporter of pasta, so let me handle this situation. You should just sit back and relax.

Draven and Kevin approach Phil's office and knock on the door.

GM Phil Barnabush: Come in. I hope this won't be that scruff Kevin Steam. 

Kevin and Draven enter.

GM Phil Barnabush bangs on his desk. 

Draven: What?

GM Phil Barnabush: I just thought of some idiot. 

He stares at Steam.

GM Phil Barnabush: What do you two want?

Draven: Well, Phil, I would like to talk about two things tonight. First, I want to talk about my title shot. Last week, I was screwed out of my title shot because some jobber refuses to admit that I am better than him.

Kevin: Or, you could just suck it up and become a better wrestler...

Draven and Phil: HUSH KEVIN!

Kevin backs away a little

GM Phil Barnabush: What about the title shot? Davon screwed you. I agree. But Jobber returned and kicked his ass. What more is there to do? As far as I'm concerned, the feud between you two is over.  

Draven: I do not wish to fight him, Phil. This actually brings me to my second issue. You hired my partner, Kevin, for me and him to help increase the competition between tag teams. I was thinking along the lines that you can repay me with a tag title match.

Draven points at Kevin.

Draven: That way, he won't freak out because he's not being included, and I'll get some compensation for my problems.

Kevin snarls at Draven

GM Phil Barnabush: Here's what I'm gonna do. I will book you in two more tag matches this season. If you win both, I'll give you the title match. Deal?  

Draven: That sounds great to me, Phil. For your cooperation I think you deserve a treat.

Draven produces a bowl of pasta and lays it on the table in front of Phil. He then walks out of the room with Kevin following close behind.

GM Phil Barnabush: Come back here. 

Both men return.

GM Phil Barnabush: Piss off, Steam. 

Steam pisses off.  

GM Phil Barnabush: Draven, stop stealing my gimmick. Now leave. 

Draven leaves and the camera fades.
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Phil and Draven Discuss Business
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