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 The Bobbaii Gudii

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The Bobbaii Gudii

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PostSubject: The Bobbaii Gudii   Sat Jan 24, 2015 2:22 pm

Name: The Bobbaii Gudii
Nicknames: TBG, Maniac Mask
Hometown: Agueda, Portugal
Class: Speed
Height: 5'9
Weight: 154lbs
Alignment: Tweener

Physical Appearance: To the ring he wears a black suit with grey shirt, grey tie, black shoes and a black hat. In the ring he wears tight plain back wrestling shorts. He permanently wears an all white mask, he has dark brown bushy/spiky hair. He has two sleeve tattoos of tribal and floral patterns, on his chest, back and tummy he has 145 scars altogether all tattooed with dripping blood around them. He wears all white contact lenses.

Gimmick: Psychopathic, doesn't care about others, does what he wants. Very cocky attitude. Takes the mick out of everything, takes nothing seriously.

Backstory: Born in a small village in Portugal TBG grew up with no parents, he was fostered by his aunt. At a young age he realised he was different to everyone else. What everyone else enjoyed least, he enjoyed most. He loved being different, he thought everyone else around him was a sheep and didn't have a mind of their own. He loved pain and loved seeing & putting others in pain. At age 9 TBG heard of a local gym that trained Capoeira, a quick and intense martial art mostly based on using your legs, TBG's kicks were ruthless but he got kicked out of the gym for being too violent. He then joined a gang and got busted for possesion of drugs and killing 4 enemy gang members but due to being under age they could not arrest him so he was forced to leave Portugal aged 17 he moved to Brighton, England where he met his former wrestler uncle. TBG's uncle taught him some wrestling. TBG implemented Capoeira with wrestling. TBG started competing in illegal underground wrestling events aged 18 where he got a big name for himself locally. Aged 20 he got his first professional contract.
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The Bobbaii Gudii
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