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 Prom night dumpster baby

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Allister King
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World Heavyweight Champion

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PostSubject: Prom night dumpster baby   Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:51 am

The camera opens up to an almost full parking lot. It is eerily silent. A loud noise is heard from one of the dumpsters. As the camera walks closer towards it. Suddenly the dumpster is opened and a pair of arms are seen flailing about.

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

After a few yawns and a couple of cracks, Allister King sits up from within in the dumpster. He slowly rotates his air and sighs at the camera. He lazily tries pull himself out and he flops on the floor.

Allister King: Ouch!

He rolls over and starts searching his pockets. He takes out a pack of cigarettes and proceeds to light on up. He puts the pack back in his pocket before getting up off the ground.

Allister King: 'scuse me!

He walks behind the dumpster and a zip like sound is heard. This is followed by the sound of water hitting the ground. He proceeds to start whistling "Walking on sunshine". He turns to look at the camera.

Allister King: Yo! Occupied!

After about 30 seconds, the noise stops and another zip sound is heard. He walks up to the cameraman

Allister King: Now you can go

The cameraman doesn't move and Allister looks at him with shock

Allister King: Or where you tryin' to get a wee sneaky look huh?

Allister shakes his head

Allister King: I'm sorry but i don't swing that way. I mean i'm flattered and all but we are just too different. know there is an attraction here but think about your children? They wont let us be happy. I know it may hurt not but go before you make this any harder

He pretends to cry

Allister King: Dream of what might have been mon cherie. Now. Don't stare at my ass as i walk away.

He walks away like mick jagger. Eventually he stops, turns around and does a stupid dance and runs away laughing

Cameraman: Why do i put up with this?

The camera fades to black
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Prom night dumpster baby
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