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 The Mage season 2 rp

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The Mage
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PostSubject: The Mage season 2 rp   The Mage season 2 rp I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 22, 2015 9:03 pm

The Mage step out from backstage heading down the ramp, he's wearing a custom jersey with his name on the back of it. The jersey is the colors of the Patriots.

Jordan Matthewson
: ladies and gentlemen, here is The Mage, I wonder what tricks he has up his sleeve today, James?

]James Wilson: Hordan, I had a great time not thinking about The Mage, don't get me in a bad mood today.

The mage: fee if fo fum, I smell.......the return of another season of sws wrestling.

'The crowd go crazy.....'

The Mage: Ladies and gents, the mage is present and ready to kick some.......footballs.

James Wilson: oh no, it's starting.

The Mage: With the super bowl within our mist, it's time to promo the special event by me kicking someone balls in, and hope not to get sacked.

Jordan Matthewson: ok that was weird. But its that time of the year for fans all over.

James Wilson: I don't think, football fans don't like The Mage much either.

The Mage: Today I have a special trick, and it's going to hurt..

"The mage hold out His left hand and puts a towel over it. He then wiggle his hand, then pulls the towel away to reveal a colorful football..."

The mage: Now the trick is, I will find a person who can catch the ball...

"The Mage finds his target and throws the ball, the ball nips the top rope from underneath and hits James Wilson in the head......"

'The crowd started laughing'

James Wilson: argh.....what the.........

Jordan Matthewson: woops, looks like The Mage hit the wrong target.

"The Mage has a confused look on his face."

The Mage: well you wasn't the intended target but it connected though, ha.

James Wilson: that son of a......

Jordan Matthewson: censorship my friend, censorship.

James Wilson: I show you censorship.

The Mage: don't get mad James, you're showing your true color and spirit for your team, you're now sporting a black and blue on your face, hahaha.

The crowd laughs again.....

The Mage: in fact, some of you guys in the back there, you know, the infamous backstage area slash locker room, need to show your true colors too because underneath all of that phony, steroid muscles is your true fantasy of being like me, the up and coming legend in sws.

Jordan Matthewson: that's a bold claim.

James Wilson: listen, it'll never happen. I will deny his votes, I will veto.

The Mage: but while I'm still active in this company, I'm challenging anyone to a handicapped match, and I bet I'll still end up on top. So stop sitting on your old, moose smelling beer spilling couch and make your way to the arena and Come Get Some!!!!!!!!!!!![/color]
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The Mage season 2 rp
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