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 .....Ok, so that happened

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Allister King
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World Heavyweight Champion

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PostSubject: .....Ok, so that happened   Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:20 pm

The camera opens to the locker room, more specifically the bathroom of the locker room. Faint noises are heard coming from a cubicle

??: Who does number two work for?

The man, who we assume is a man since it's the men's locker room, is gasping for air

??: Get out of me this second, i am your master, obey me! Why did i have to eat that pasta draven threw away.


??: Awwww i am victorious! I am the vanquisher of the number 2! Adrian! I did it!

A flush is heard, then suddenly the door to the cubicle opens up and Allister king comes out dancing and singing the song from karate kid

Allister King: I am the best, AROUND! Nothing's ever gonna keep me down. I'm the best around, gonna beat you down to china town.

He dances over to the sink and washes his hands while humming the same song. After he is finishes, he dries his hands then proceeds to put his had in his pocket.

Allister King: Uh oh!

He frantically starts searching his pockets for something then slowly turns towards the toilet from which he recently emerged. He drops to his knees and screams to the sky

Allister King: Why? Why did make me drop my phone in the toilet? What did i ever do to you huh?

He places his head on the floor and starts punching it while crying

Allister King: Is it because of the time i uppercutting that old woman? She started it, She took the last of the cookies! Why are you torturing me!!

Suddenly the music of keyboard cat starts coming from his sock.

Allister King: Wait!

He places his hand in his sock and takes out his phone.

Allister King: Yes! It was in my sock

He stares at the phone for a few seconds before shouting

Allister King: So i threw it on the ground!!

He throws his phone and smashes it to pieces. He begins to walk out with a swagger similar to chris tucker and jackie chan in rush hour. The camera fades to black

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.....Ok, so that happened
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