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 Burning down Old and starting a new

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PostSubject: Burning down Old and starting a new   Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:04 pm

Rev. Rufus Q. Ribbenthorpe and Ca$h Money Hustler and B girls are walking down the hall to offices of Out Break Wrestling talking.

Cash Money: Damn that toast was tight yo, but sounded familar. You know Rev. we could loop a beat and throw a hook you could spin rap with this Discordian speak you do.You know what I am saying. Platinum record for sure.

Rev. Rufus Q. Ribbenthorpe: Yoda.

Cash Money: Yoda, what you talking bout Rev.?

Rev. Rufus Q. Ribbenthorpe: Yoda i got alot of it from Yoda.

Cash Money: Yoda the little green Mofo in Star Wars with pointed eyes and s(BEEP)?

Rev. Rufus Q. Ribbenthorpe: Yes Yoda, he's very wise.

Cash Money: Rev. you know he's just a puppet made of latex , cloth and hand up his ass?

Rev. Rufus Q. Ribbenthorpe: Ok he's WISE puppet made of latex, cloth, and hand up his ass. That and I had jet lag by time got there.

Cash money : (shakes his head) You crazy Rev. think you certified Crazy yo. Hey speaking of Certified well his office and sign paperwork for tag team then see who I am facing in PPV.

They open office door and Zeno's desk is empty with drawer open. They peak into Pain's office vacant. They Both shrug. They finally see Mad Dog shredding files left and right sweating and stressing. Before Cash or Rev. can say a word.

Mad Dog: FEDS!!! they did a swoop, If I was you I get off this sinking ship maybe leave state. You got a lighter?

Cash hands him his gold zippo. Mad Dog starts lighting piles paperwork on fire to hurry it up. Laughing hysterically.

Mad Dog: Thanks, that faster.

Rev. Rufus Q. Ribbenthorpe: Is there a PPV?

Mad dog: Dont know? They left me holding a flaming bag of poop, what you think?

Cash: S(BEEP), can they relocate matches somewhere? I mean it's first PPV, might cover some loses or help pay lawyers off. Heck I was gonna as who was facing.

Mad Dog: HERE hands Cash a burning piece paper with PPV roster.

Cash speed reads to find his name without burning his gold ringed fingers.
Pain, Ouch! drops the paper on rug and starts to catch.

They all make a dash for door to avoid being burned alive or smoked out.

Cash turns to Rev. and says" Well guess we're out work."  Cell Phone rings.

Cash: Jello, You got em' , Who? Bring Pain? I can bring it, Yeah I umm a free agent right now, how late your office open till? Be there by five.

Hangs up the phone and chuckles " Well not unemployed for long". Shakes Rev. Rufus hand and  Cash and B girls make their way to Shoot Wrestling Society in their gold flecked Gold limo.
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Burning down Old and starting a new
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