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 It's been a long time

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PostSubject: It's been a long time   Sun Jan 11, 2015 4:54 pm

[Right before my match with Grim Reality]

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace hits and Po1ski begins walking to the ring. The Strong Style Championship is hanging over his shoulder.

*Po1ski enters the ring and grabs a microphone that is laying in the corner.*

Po1ski: Well, it sure has been a long time since I've stepped between those ropes. Too long...

*Po1ski looks around the ring reminiscently, and then continues*

Po1ski: This is where I've had the greatest matches of my life, matches that I will cherish forever. Now, Hunter Death has moved on, for the time being. And even after all the things that have happened between us...the brawls...the trash talk...the matches...I still have so much respect for that man. That being said, after the Land of Confusion pay – per – view, the first ladder match in Shoot Wrestling Society, I stand before you, the NEW SWS Strong Style Champion!

*Po1ski raises the championship high above his head. He slowly turns, showing the entire crowd the belt.*

The crowd, as always in Po1ski's case, seems to be split down the middle with their reactions. Half of the crowd is cheering, while the other is booing and yelling obscenities. A small “Lets go Po1ski... Po1ski sucks!” starts but dies down.

Po1ski: I've said it before, and I'll darn sure say it again. There is no one in the locker room who will be able to take this title from me. Absolutely no one. I'll take all comers, because I am the greatest Strong Style champion in the history of this company. And to Grim Reality, I almost feel bad for you. Because I'm about to use you to show why I am one of the best in - ring competitors in this company.

*Po1ski hands his belt and microphone over to to a member of the ring crew. He then walks over to his corner and waits for his opponent.*
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It's been a long time
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