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Allister King
World Heavyweight Champion
World Heavyweight Champion

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PostSubject: Some Guy   Some Guy I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2015 5:29 pm

Wrestler Name: Allister King
Nickname: King of Fools
Age: 26
Hometown: The Emerald Isle (Also known as Ireland)
Allignment: Face
Height: 6ft 4
Weight: 235lbs
Gender: Male
Gimmick: Refer to backstory


The man, the myth, the absolute legend. Allister King is a charismatic fool. Though he does not lack in intelligence, he enjoys doing things so stupid that forrest gump would call him stupid cause stupid is as stupid does. I have a banana, it is tasty. According to monty python, He once went to camelot and he enjoyed it.

Finisher: Kingdom Come (DD) - Allister King kicks the opponent in the gut and hooks their arms
Allister lifts the opponent up onto his shoulder and flips them around slamming them face first in the mat executing Kingdom Come

Hail To The King (Sub): Allister King Allister King kicks the opponent in the gut and pulls him in and locks in a headlock. He shouts ''Hail to the King'' before lifting the opponent into a suplex.
Allister spins around a few times before breaking his opponent with a brainbuster. Allister refuses to let go and wraps his legs around the opponent's torso and tightens the grip he has on their head with a gullotine choke. executing Hail To The King

Trademarks: Why won't you love me? (3 Point Charge), Super Happy Fun Time (Super Fallaway Slam)

Taunt: Allister King stops and begins to perform an irish jig executing a Now for Something Completely Different

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