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 The Storm Named Soorya

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PostSubject: The Storm Named Soorya   Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:14 pm

[For season starting 12th Jan. If feasible please add it after the match between Allister King vs The Mage]

* A series of colored spotlights creates a terrific light show and pyrotechnics flash all the way on the titan tron. An unknown guy makes his way to the ring and rushes towards the two wrestlers. * 

Jordan Matthewson: What is happening? Who is this guy? James, do you know him?

James Wilson: No, and I don't need to.. Seems to be some Tom, Dick or Harry...

Jordan Matthewson: Oh, he's gone into the ring! He is in the ring! What is he up to?

* Before anyone understands this young guy lifts The Mage on his shoulders and slams him on the mat. *

James Wilson: He seems crazy...

* Allister starts to interfere but he gets pushed at the corner of the ring. *

James Wilson: No, he is insane...!

Jordan Matthewson: Oh my God, look as he is removing his jackets his muscles are flexing.. Did you see such big muscles of late, James?

* The guy shows his jacket to the audience. It has the letters "SOORYA" carved on it. *

Soorya takes a microphone and starts speaking.. * 

Soorya [to audience] : Lovers of carnage.. Remember this name. This is...... SOORYA!!!

* There is a huge roar from the crowd.  *

Soorya [to the wrestlers] : You.. You think you have got some muscle? You REALLY think you have got some muscle? Stop boring the crowd with your circus tricks. Here is the deal. You wanna get a new fighting experience? Then fight me and have it! ARE YOU READY?

* Soorya pauses for a moment. *

Soorya: Any time.. Any place.. Any situation. Let me see what you've got! You ready?

James Wilson: Huh, over confidence as usual...

Jordan Matthewson: But do you see how he is towering over The Mage and that he is too athletic for his size? Can he be a future star? Can he give a new definition to the wrestling?

* The crowd roars in excitement the camera fades to dark. *
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The Storm Named Soorya
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