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 RP 7 Turkey attack

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RP 7 Turkey attack Empty
PostSubject: RP 7 Turkey attack   RP 7 Turkey attack I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 11:33 am

All or nothing by Theory of a dead man plays in the background.
The arena turns dark with blue smoke filling the arena.
An explosion happens and an image started to walk down the ramp.
He stops in front of the ring and the arena lit up bright.
The Mage makes a surprise gesture.

Jordan Matthewson: Here is The Mage. The next up and coming superstar in SWS. He got the potentials to make it in this place of glory.

James Wilson:...and not to dare mention that this is turkey month oh hell yea. Ain’t got to go to mom’s house to eat.

Jordan Matthewson: Well why is that James?.

Well Hordan, because she’s coming over to my place and spending the week there.

The crowd chants “WHAT”

Jordan Matthewson: ........Ok back to the topic of interest, according to what the GM said in the back office, The Mage can’t drink in the ring, what do you think about that, James?  

The crowd again chants “WHAT”

James Wilson:Oh I can’t what for mom’s stuffing, and her apple pies, almost taste like it came for Boston Market.

Jordan Matthewson: Well probably it did.............

*James smacks the back of Jordan’s head.*

James Wilson: If it’s not The Mage, then it’s you. You two always ruined a perfect moment for me.

In the ring

** One of the staffs tries to hand The Mage a mic but he waved it away..**

The Mage:Thanks but tonight I’m using technology. Bluetooth this time.

* There’s cheers sounds throughout the crowd. *

The Mage: The Mage, is here ladies and gentlemen, is in your presents, is ready and willing to entertain you all tonight.

** The Mage pauses for a second.**

The Mage: i’ve been plotting out something to bring to you all, so instead of guessing, we’ll take a poll, and you as a fan, can decide on which match should I go after .

* The crowd cheers.*

James Wilson: Hey everyone lets take a poll to see when The Mage will get fired.

The Mage: So I’ve battled a Russian zombie, a guy with three of the same letters in his name, and.....i’ll just call him skittle because we have an Eminem, so he has to be a skittle.

The Crowd: WHAT!!!

The Mage: But guess what ladies and gentlemen.........

The Crowd: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

The Mage:It’s time for a magic trick.

* The Crowd cheers frantically.*

James Wilson: I would like a turkey to appear right in front of me

Jordan Matthewson: Have you accepted Mage’s magical act?.

James Wilson: no I just want the turkey, The Mage can take his “Magical act” and disappear into the abyss.

**The Mage overheard what James said and pointed to him, he then swing his arm into the air and wiggled his fingers. A stroke of lightning hit the commentary table causes smoke to erect from the table. The Mage stared toward the commentary table approval look on his face and his arms folded. Somehow James and Jordan manages to dissipate the smoke from the table.........**
James Wilson: WTF it’s a............

*The crowd chanted turkey.*

Jordan Matthewson: It’s a live turkey ladies and gentlemen, but how did he do it.

* The Turkey look at James and started to attack James. James was forced to retreat toward the backstage area leaving Jordan by him to commentate.

The Mage:Poor James, I thought Turkey was good......well maybe to eat.

*The Crowd and The Mage chuckled*

** The crowd chant BEER!!!**

Jordan Matthewson: Ummm.......I guess I’ll just continue.......Well ladies and gentlemen, The Mage can’t drink beer in the ring.

* The Mage holds a white cloth over his right hand, wiggles his fingers from his left hand, then pulls the cloth up showing a shot glass.*

** The crowd starts chanting drink.**

The Mage:The Boss said no beer drinking in the ring so........

* The Mage takes the shot and has a bitter look on his face.*

** The crowd goes into a frenzy.**

Jordan Matthewson: Hey that was very genius of The Mage. The Mage didn’t drink a beer, he took a shot in the ring instead, ha smart ass..

*James lets out a huge belch.......*

The Mage: I took a shot of Bourbon, well look here, now you see it.....

* The Mage raised the shot glass, and holds it upside down.*

The Mage:Now you don’t.

* The Mage takes a huge breath.*

The Mage: I’ll make this short and sweet because I don’t want to get arrested for using a turkey to attack James.

* The Crowd Chuckled.*

*The Mage pause for a second to soak in the laughs......**

The Mage:We’re into another month of The Mage quest for domination, I’m more that appreciative not only to the company for hiring me, but to the fans for your loyal and dedicated support.

**The Mage facial expression change boldness.*

The Mage: I get clowned on a lot, but I’m not a clown, I’m a magician, I make things happen. I’m always open for all challenges, all you have to do is to bring your non using technology Amish looking turkey to the ring and COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

End of segment..............[/color]
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RP 7 Turkey attack
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