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 The Steamy Story

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Kevin Steam
Kevin Steam

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PostSubject: The Steamy Story   The Steamy Story I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2014 3:45 pm

* Suddenly, the titantron blasts to life and a grown man is seen with his back facing the camera. *

: Hello SWS. I would like the crowd to remain quite for the length of this message, as it is a very important one.

* The crowd hushes themselves. *

: I have been watching this show for the last few weeks, and I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of wrestling. I have come in contact with the GM, and we have made a deal. I will soon be a part of this illustrious organization.

: With that being said, let me introduce myself.

* The man turns around. He is a rather short, portly individual with a mask covering his face. The mask has the icon for the program known as “Steam”. *

Kevin Steam: I am Kevin Steam!

* The crowd gasps quitely. *

Kevin Steam: Now like I said, me and the GM of this federation have made a deal. A deal of course implying that both sides have made a compromise. He has agreed to sign me as long as I participate in the uprising of the tag team titles.

Kevin Steam: Many of the people in this federation do not seem fit for me, but there is one rather new talent I have had my eyes on. His name is Draven.

* The crowd cheers softly. *

Kevin Steam: I have already come in contact with Draven, and he has agreed to tag with me. It was a rather difficult experience I will allow you to see.

* Kevin's image is replaced with a picture of the back stage area. *

* Kevin is seen walking backstage. Suddenly Draven bursts from nowhere. *

Draven: Yo man, want some sick substances?

Kevin Steam: No, I really do not. Thank you for the offer, but I have come to recruit you.

Draven: Recruit me...for what?

Kevin Steam: I assume you have heard of the race for the tag titles that Phil has set in motion. I am here to participate and I would like to tag with you.

Draven: I'm sorry, but I am a solo man.

Kevin Steam: Do not be selfish, Draven. Me and you can go far if we simply work together. I'm positive with your strength and my brains we will win the titles.

Draven: The titles do sound interesting...We shall tag! We will be known as Draven and The Bass Player!

Kevin Steam: That name is very...interesting. The name will need work, but that is for a later time. So you agree to tag with me?

Draven: Yes, but if anyone asks, you tagged with me.

Kevin Steam: Whatever. One last thing.

Draven: Yes?

Kevin Steam: Stop scaring people and attempting to sell them pasta.

Draven: Never!

* Draven runs away and Kevin's image reappears. *

Kevin Steam: That is all you need to know.

* The image of Kevin disappears as the crowd speaks to each other silently. *
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The Steamy Story
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