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 Addressing The Tag Titles Situation

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PostSubject: Addressing The Tag Titles Situation    Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:17 pm

* GM Phil Barnabush is seen in his office reading a transcript of CM Punk's 2011 shoot promo. *

GM Phil Barnabush: What a jerk he became. Get back to tweeting, wanker. Oh, I didn't see the cameras..Hello SWS fans! I asked for this air time to address something important. I am talking about the SWS world tag team championships state. As you know when F5 beat Cain in the Buried Alive match he forced him and his followers to leave SWS. Meaning Abner and Balak vacated the title. I am unfortunately announcing that the titles will not be on the line in the Land Of Confusion PPV. 

James Wilson: We now know the PPV name!  

GM Phil Barnabush: But here is what I will do. Starting at the PPV. I will be putting teams together. And those teams will be booked in tag matches throughout the next season. Whichever 2 teams win the most tag team matches over the season will be booked to face each other to decide who will be new SWS tag team champions. Long would approve, I'm sure. 

* Fans cheer because it's not a bad idea at all. *

GM Phil Barnabush: With that said enjoy the rest of the show.  

* Camera cuts to the ring. *
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Addressing The Tag Titles Situation
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