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 Let Me Be Clear

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PostSubject: Let Me Be Clear   Let Me Be Clear I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 22, 2014 10:11 pm

* Draven is seen standing victorious over KNAS. *

* He motions for a microphone and an employee on the sidelines quickly brings him one. *

Draven: WHAT'S UP SWS!?

* The crowd cheers wildly for Draven. *

Draven: So I don't know if you guys have heard, but things have been getting a little hot between me and a certain jobber around here.

* The crowd boos at the mention of the certain jobber. *

Draven: Yeah, you guys know who I'm talking about. Anyway, last week Phil told me I couldn't engage in physical contact with this jobber until our match at the PPV. I've been a good boy and listened. However, despite my kindness, Davon felt the need to up the ante. Earlier today, Davon barged into Phil's office and demanded it be a hardcore match. How stupid.

* The crowd takes time to laugh at Davon's confidence. *

Draven: All I was trying to do was share the beauty of pasta with the legendary Electrifyy. When you think about it, I was doing a good thing for someone. Davon is really just an idiot. I would now like to say some things to KNAS.

* Draven looks down at KNAS. *

Draven: Thank you for being a martyr, KNAS. You allowed me to show my strength in my debut match, and you've also served as a message to Davon.

* Draven looks toward the titantron, directing his message at Davon backstage *

Draven: Listen here you overgrown potato, you've got another thing coming if you think you can beat me in a hardcore match. I've crushed you before, and I can do it again. KNAS here just suffered the pain of my Whirling Death, and I assure you you'll do the same. So just in case it hasn't sunk into your thick skull yet, let me demonstrate.

* Draven suddenly grabs KNAS's body and stands him upright. Draven then pulls out an axe and slams the blunt of it against KNAS's head. The crowd gasps as Draven leaves the ring and walks backstage, leaving KNAS knocked out in the ring.
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Let Me Be Clear
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