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 The Jobber's Request

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PostSubject: The Jobber's Request   Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:46 pm

* GM Phil Barnabush is seen backstage in his office. *

Phil Barnabush: I finally decided to buy that boat...It was a great decision.

* Phil walks to the other end of the room and sits in the chair behind his desk. *

Phil Barnabush: Now let's see how this match is go...

* The door swings open. Suddenly, Davon Hills burst into the room. *

Davon Hills: I DEMAND!!!

Phil Barnabush: Stop your shouting! Remember who you're talking to, jobber. You do not demand, you request. Now reenter my office and lets try that again.

* Davon makes a sour face and glares at Phil. *

* Based Overlord Phil doesn't faint. *

Davon Hills: Sigh...

* Davon walks out, shutting the door. He then reenters the room. *

Davon Hills: I would like to talk about my match at the PPV.

Phil Barnabush: Go on.

Davon Hills: Draven has practically bullied me ever since his arrival. He defaced pasta, and that goes against everything I stand for! He also assaulted me like a coward repeatedly. Instead of a one fall match, can our match at the PPV be a hardcore match?

Phil Barnabush: I like the idea of you two fighting in a battle to the death. It would really decide who can and who can't control pasta in my federation. I approve your request.

Davon Hills: Thank you, Phil. I know it's hard to resist my greatness.

Phil Barnabush: Some can argue that point...Nevertheless, you have a match tonight against Hellraiser. I suggest you go prepare for that.

Davon Hills: I was planning to do just that.

Phil Barnabush: Good luck.

* Davon walks out of the room, and as the door shuts, Phil makes one final remark. *

Phil Barnabush: Freakin' jobber.

* The camera fades. *
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The Jobber's Request
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