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 Giving A Shot

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PostSubject: Giving A Shot   Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:42 pm

** We see based overlord  GM Phil Barnabush in his office watching a  shoot interview from a different fed on his computer. ** 

GM Phil Barnabush: Haha. I agree, that fed does suck. Kouji knows his stuff. 

** Here comes the pain F5 enters the GM's office with his good looking SWS world championship. **

F5: Hi, Phil. How are you?

GM Phil Barnabush: I an fine, F5. How are you?

F5: Good. I came here to ask you who I am facing tonight. I didn't read the match card..

GM Phil Barnabush: Go read it. 

F5: But I am here. Asking you.  

GM Phil Barnabush: Whatever. You are facing the debuting new Gifu Borga. 

F5: A rookie? I don't know how to feel about that. Are we sure that man deserves it? For all we know he could get fired next week like most of the new debuts. 

GM Phil Barnabush: Who knows if he will be fired next week? I don't! even if he is getting fired soon it's not about that. It's about giving the fans a great match. 

F5: I suppose you are right. Who cares if he gets fired? it will be his loss. I am a fighting champion and I will wrestle ANYONE. See you later, Phil. I have a match to win. 

** Here comes the pain F5 leaves the office and the camera follows him to the ring. ** 
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Giving A Shot
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